So, it turns out that Little L is horrified of Santa this year! We went to our local, annual tree lighting. [We have been going for six years now, it's amazing. Tree's, music, lights & fireworks!]. The whole day, {L} was chattering on about Ho-Ho [Santa]. He was chuckling, giggling and running around with excitement. Fast Forward to that night-we arrived late, almost missing the lighting. Mama is stressed [doesn't anyone understand how important this was! lol] Turns out due to "our" [read-husband] lateness we scored a PRIME spot right at the base of the stage. Things are looking up and stressed mama switches to excited again Mama! Thinks, this is going to be amazing! Super close so all the kids can actually see this year. The parade is ending, the crowd is cheering, here comes Santa, he's making his way towards us! I know any moment {L} will be squealing in delight! He's in sight!...and {L} is.... SCREAMING? Screaming and clawing at his Dad like we are trying to feed him to Santa. One morsel at a time! Screaming like his skin is n fire!

I was so confused.... Turns out, the ol' Shrek Christmas movie he's been watching has a scene where Santa, roaring like a jolly Godzilla, eats The Gingerbread Man's girlfriend-all up. This 2 minute scene, have terrified my baby. Looks like this picture is as close to Santa as he will be getting this year! Oh Shrek.



The magic of Christmas is once again flowing through the house. Whispers of Santa and all the upcoming fun times, flow out from under the doors of the "sleeping" children's rooms. The ornaments are on the tree and we listened to our young children reminisce about their "old" memories of Christmas' past. Mama is happy and can't stop thinking about knitting, sewing and all the new gifts to be made for the children. If magic exists I feel it this time of year. We will be celebrating Baby's First Christmas, for the fourth time-each and every as special as the last.

I can't wait to see what else the season holds for us!



YAY-the holiday is almost here. I'm so happy for a short week and looking forward to the nice break from the daily shuffle back & forth to school and rushing, rushing all about. No travelling for us, no chaotic last minute packing, no sitting patiently to leave the holiday feast to get some vegetarian food we actually eat.
Just 4 glorious days of doing whatever we want... and a yummy vegetarian Thanksgiving meal mixed in there. Hello comfy couch & knitting needles, I've missed you both!



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I hope six still has room for unicorns, silly faces, snuggles with mama, holding hands, the mystique of fairies, late night chats about dreams & wishes.
All the magic in the world is wrapped up in this little girl. My little girl who is quickly becoming not so little anymore. It seems like yesterday she was placed in my arms. A wee-little tiny babe. So much smaller than any of the boys ever were! I was scared to hold her-didn't want to break her. She is an old soul with an amazing quest for knowledge and love. She continue's to amaze me with her wisdom & sweetness. The past six years have been magical for me getting to know her. Just being near her. I'm so lucky to call you my daughter!
Happy Birthday sweet girl.