It appears, as if overnight, my sweet, baby boy has grown up enough, to not need a crib. I'm still not really sure how he can be almost two already! The time seems to go faster & faster with each child as our family grows. I currently want to freeze everyone in place, so I can enjoy these ages just a "little" longer. So many things we think will never be forgotten, but they start to fade with time. The way one of the kids smiles at you with that mischievous twinkle in their eye each morning, a loved toy, favorite superhero traits, silly pronunciations, a funny joke told 80x a day. So perfect and seemingly solid in our minds, still they lose their potency with age. I guess I use photography and [this blog] to help remind me.

When the older two were little, I have every bit if their lives documented in photo's- favorite toy, bedrooms, play area's, bath time, lunches... on & on & on. I realized the other day that I have less of these kind of pictures for the little boys. So we snapped a few quick shots in their shared room. Little did I know at the time, it would be one of the last days, Baby {J} would be in the crib {officially}. Little monkey had started climbing out. The only thing holding back the transition was his Mama. It's hard letting go! At this point with the others, I would have had another bun in the oven and it was less sad for me. I'm having a hard time watching this one grow, knowing very well, he may be our last.


More Sewing

 I definitively got my sewing mojo back. Hooray! I've been on Sewing for Boys, pattern kick. Have you seen that book? I LOVE it. So often the only patterns for little boys in books are pj pants and some random toys or accessories. A WHOLE book of boys clothing... unheard of! I think it's full of cute patterns not, not lots of repeats or filler. Very important when you have 3 sons and only 1 daughter.

I made 3 of these t-shirts the other day. Love this one! The main panel was made using a thrifted t-shirt. They are quick & easy to make. I had a little issue with the neckline at first. If you make these, MAKE sure you cut the fabric on the grainline as indicated for neck. Also, I had to cut a strip a bit longer so these fit over the boys heads. ** test the collar over their head before attaching it is key** I made the 4/5 for both. It fits my 4 year old snuggly, but not too tight. Looser on the almost two year old [I know, HOW can he be almost two already!] I think I prefer making 1 size up. The shirt will get a few years use then. How awesome is that for a $3 shirt!

The little shorts are also from the book. Easy, quick = perfect. I just want to say how much I ADORE the Little peeps line. Finally cut into this castle print. Also made a shirt with the coordinating king & queens fabric. adorable!

Man I love this kid!


What I see...

Here's what I see when I peek past the side of my sewing machine. Imagination always makes me smile, so brightly!


For Baby

A new cousin joined the family last week. Super excited to meet him! Unfortunately, they are not in town, so I made this little sweater/shirt to send their way until I get to hold the little guy myself.

The pattern is from One yard Wonders. My "typical" newborn gift is the kimono top from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing. I'm not crazy about the inside ties on that one though, and haven't remedied that yet.  I wasn't so sure about this pattern because honestly, I don't really think the one in the book is "so" cute. It's the fabric & color choice, just not my style. I took a gamble because I liked the simple lines if the piece. I love it in this soft, flannel and neutral bias print. It was really quick to make {except making the bias tape. Didn't have any hanging around} If you used store bought bias it would be SUPER fast. I love it so much I wanted to make 5 more right away. Alas, I do not know five newborn sized babies, so I fought the urge.... hmmm, maybe I should have another one, just so I can dress him or her in these. {Here that sound, it's the sound of my husband fainting at the mere though}


Back to sewing

I'm sewing again!! My lack of motivation has passed. It was a much needed break, but now that I'm back, i'm making up for lost time. haha. In a few shorts days, I made a dress, 2 stuffed toys, 3 shirts, a clutch, 2 pillows, custom Kunklebaby order, and some shorts. phew!  This dress kicked off the sewing spree. It was a very late birthday gift for a family friend. Happy late birthday Ellie.

Lucky for me, I even had the right size model for it. Perfect print for a Fancy Nancy lover. I used to make this dress [Sandi Henderson pattern] for Miss {M} all the time. It was a little nostalgic using the same pattern pieces. I love this pattern! Really easy and it grows so well with the child- which means getting more for your money.


Successful Day

We had presents, a half eaten before frosted cake, and lots of handmade goodies. Add a few endless smiles, and it was a successful, happy day!


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Son! You are such a bright, energetic, sweet soul! You have taught me so much about patience, and kindness, in our four years together. The first moment I held you in my arms, I felt like I'd known you forever. I was so smitten with you as a baby, those amber, honey colored eyes and mischievous smirk. I couldn't take my eyes off you- watching you nurse, watching you sleep, just watching, and waiting to see who you'd be. What you would like, interests, dislikes. You always know what you want,  typically running on extremes. Hot or cold, night or day- but on your terms.You struggled to be heard for years, and when you finally were, I was shocked at how much you had to say. The depth of your knowledge and thoughts was immense. How intrigued you were with us, and the world around you. Such deep, deep thoughts for a little, little boy.

I'm still watching, and waiting to see who you become tomorrow, and the day after. I'm proud to call you my son, and love you more as each day passes.


The life of a cat

So glad we finally got around to getting a cushion for the bench seat. It's now become a lovely cat bed for our feline friends. I was so thoughtful in getting one with three segments, so that each cat understood his/her own territory. sigh. It would be nice to nap in the warm, spring sunshine! Cuddle up with a good book and just bask in the light. Instead I'm off to vacuum more cat hair from the cushion the kids "needed".


I want to be...

I want to be strong. A role model for my children. Compassionate and open to seeing the feelings of others. I want my kids to grow up, and have children of their own, telling them grand tales about the part of their life they spent most with me. I want them to say I was/am a good mother. I want to create, and be creative. I want to be healthy and fit. I want to pass on my love of books to my little one's- the ability to get lost in a story. I want to laugh and play.  I want to paint. I want to have time to paint. I want to have something to say. I want to make the world a better place, even if only in small ways with small actions. I want to love myself. I want to be close to my children when they are grown. Mothering doesn't end at 18. I want to spend an entire weekend laying in bed-napping and reading. I want to know the people around me are being cared for- friends, family, children, neighbors.

I want to be free, and happy and strong. Loving, thoughtful, funny... I want to be the best me, I can be.


Some sewing

I have not been sewing very much lately... as in pretty much not at all. Sometimes I just need a break from things. When I do return I am invigorated and full of fresh new idea's to conquer. I have not arrived at this point with sewing, just yet. Although I am enjoying my time away devouring books.

I make this bag a few weeks back, for my mother-in-law. I LOVE the madmen-esq fabric. I had been saving this one for awhile, not quite sure what to make with it. She loves shoes and anything from this era. She's a really awesome person and like a mother to me, as well as my husband [her actual child.lol]. My children adore her and she treats them all with equal love and compassion. She understands them individually, and as a group. It actually makes it a little more difficult to make her stuff because I want it to be just right.  Now, I need to add a little clutch in this fabric on my to-do list for myself. Love this fabric!


Big Man on Campus

I have never seen a more excited boy! Little {L} started preschool last week. We've been on the waiting list for the school located in his therapy center. When we received the call that they had an sudden opening, we jumped on it. He's made so much progress with his speech therapy so far, and this is just seeming to add just the right "extra" to his self esteem. I'm watching him bloom right before my eyes it seems. It's.... amazing!

I could not be happier for him, and at the same time a little sad. Neither of the older two children attended preschool, they have late birthday's so didn't start kindergarten until almost six years old. Then, we homeschooled for 2 years. {L} seems so little in comparison, but I already know it'd the right thing for him. Funny how we can birth, and raise children in the same way, but their own "person" needs always shine bright. I love that individualism!!

A few weeks into school and he LOVE it. Like jump out of bed and ask if it's a school day loves it. His little brother is desperately missing him asking over & over, "Where's L!!?" At school baby, remember? He promptly follows the response with asking 400 times, "why?". It's been nice to get in a little extra solo time with my baby though. He's growing faster than a weed, and soon I will be asking, "but why?" when he's off at school.