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Sweet & Sunny

More booties for baby! I love these, in this wonderful Heather Ross fabric print. I've been saving [hoarding] this little frog fabric for quite some time. I only had a fat quarter and wanted to make sure it got used for just the perfect project!

Actually, I love anything that has to do with frogs. We have quite a collection through the house... and even one tree frog tattoo on my back. These will be perfect if we end up having a girl, or a boy! I think they are sweet, dainty and sunny-they make me smile each time I look at them. Little {L} has been quite taken by them also. He says baby shoes, but still tries them on every day. After he tells me they are still too small, he requests a pair just for him. Hmmm...I'm thinking I"ll have to add some slippers for the kids onto the "future projects" list.


Baby Booties

Last night around 8pm, I had the sudden need to sew-anything! I have so many projects 1/2 started and I want to finish those up, book, sewing for baby? Yeah, it won. I sewed these cute little shoes from the new Anna Marie Horner book. I debated starting with the 3-6m size because my kids tend to be large at birth. At the last minute I went with the 0-3m and I'm glad I did. They are not super tiny, but actually look like they will be a little big [yay!]. Some bootie patterns run so small! Not these.

The fabric is a cool, Alexander Henry print featuring tattoo designs. I LOVE this fabric and only had a small piece left, the perfect size for this project! I already started on another pair in sweet yellow, with frogs, from the Heather Ross far far away line. [I can't wait until Part 2 of the line arrives next month! I better start saving $$]

The ultrasound went great yesterday. Baby looks good, amniotic fluid looks good! They are guessing the baby will be between 8.5-9 lbs. So not that big after all! Yay! They were worried about a 10+ pounder. I got a last peek at the baby before he/she arrives. I sure hope it's soon [as in tomorrow is perfect] , I'm so anxious & getting quite uncomfortable! The baby was sucking on it's hands, which was super cute to watch! My older kids thought they were going to tell me the exact day the baby would arrive. They were thoroughly disappointed when I told them, no one can guess that!

Off to sew a pair of "sweet" booties to go with these "cool" one's. Enjoy your weekend!



I'm not hiding out from my blog, just trying to get lots of stuff done in a short amount of time! 9 months seems like so very long until you get into the home stretch and realize you have 101 things to get done still. Add to that the crazy amount of sewing projects I decided HAD to be done, and it's quite a list-silly mama.

I'm hoping to get a pair of slippers sewn before going to the hospital and a set of 3 baby dolls for the older kids-that way each child can have their very own baby on the day we come home with the newest addition. I got the new Anna Marie Horner book, Handmade Beginnings yesterday. So many more projects I want to add to my sew for baby list.....hmmm, I think I am going in the wrong direction here?

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound to check out the size of this wee, or rather not-so-wee one. Here's to hoping she or he isn't gigantic!