All I ever wanted to do is become a mother. Sure, I've always loved painting and creating, but without a family it seemed...lonely.

I fell madly in love with my own children, the very moment looked at them. I was not prepared for how quickly I could adore this brand new being. Now that my kids are growing, I miss the sweet baby smell and afternoon cuddle naps. While I'm a bit sad they are moving on, I'm so proud of the individuals they are becoming-strong and opinionated,smart, caring.

Motherhood is hard, there are days I think-You wanted this? In the end, I would never be fulfilled with anything else. I'm a proud mama!

I'm proud of the work I've done and the creative personalities I'm guiding. I bought this pendant to remind myself that even through the daily trials- I love this. I love my family and everything that goes with it.

Check out www.suchprettycolors.etsy.com if you'd like a mama pendant. She also has many beautiful breastfeeding pieces.


Creative Play

I've started adding aprons to my etsy shop.

My children love to pretend. They wear their apron's in the house. They wear their aprons at the grocery store. They wear their aprons in the yard. They pretend to be cooks, a princess, kittens, mommy, and scary monsters.

I think they are a fun toy which helps enhance creativity, and creative play.

Too many toys these days do all the playing for the children. The only action of the child is to watch. I say we take back the books, blocks, and dolls-which are not dressed like they walk the streets. Let our children be children, just a little while longer.

I've also starting to work on fabric toy blocks. Some really cute one's in the works for the holiday season.


My newest Obsession

I've recently become a vegan soap convert. I just can't get enough.

My newest favorite is from Shower Treat soap-Fresh cut Roses Olive Oil Soap.

Fantastic. The shop owner is super sweet and friendly too. Great customer service to be found here.

Since changing over from regular store soaps, I've found I have much softer skin-no itching. Being a mom, I've given up plenty of "extra's". I find the lovely scents give me a short break to relax, and pamper myself !
Take a peak at one of my new favorites: www.showertreatsoap.etsy.com