Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've been feeling a little under the weather. All the gloomy, rainy days don't seem to be helping either-blah!

So, I was pretty surprised that I had A LOT of people ask me, "What are these?", about my scarves at my last show. I had my mannequin set up right next to them, displaying an adult scarf. They were separated into adult size and child sizes. Here's my question to you, "What can I do to display them and get less questions?". Craftin Outlaws is coming up quick and I won't be able to bring along my mannequin. I will only have a table, so space will be tight. I do plan on bringing my hanging rack.

Any idea's? I was thinking of bring a few pictures to hang near them of them being modelled, but otherwise, I have no idea to make them look more....well, quickly recognized as a scarf!



On a recent thrifting trip, we came across this horse. She was missing a mane and her tail consisted on one strand of yarn, connected with it's very last thread. I was so excited about the prospect of fixing her up and giving her a happy new home...then I saw her price, $9.00!!! How could we not take her home? One of the best deals we have found in awhile.

The horse is SOLID wood and super heavy. I had not realized until I had her home and was expecting everything, that she was probably handmade. The pictures don't show it, but the craftsmanship is superb! I can't wait to give her some lovely new hair, and a tail. The kids have been thrilled to play with her as is. Originally, I wanted to paint her, but I was able to get off almost all of the marker she had across her side. The wood is beautiful, so I think she'll stay this color, with some new rainbow colored hair.

The best part is she is sized for the older kids!! {L}'s feet barely pass her neck! A toy that is fun for kids from 1-5 is rare indeed. She was named McGurkus, because everything needs a name! I'll post some pics after her "upgrade".



While on my organization kick, nothing could be ignored! I spent a few hours the other day going through my scrap bin and tying up the little bits of fabric into small bundles. The bin was getting overwhelming and messy! Whenever I would look for something to use, I would either grab something from the top, or get annoyed. It's been wonderful looking through the new and improved scrap bin! I feel suddenly inspired to use up my small odds and ends. I've been using these small pieces to make my mini-houses. [thanks to everyone for all the great feedback on them!] I'm also imagining a really pretty, quilted, pillow for little miss {M} -with lots of tiny fabrics & textures.

With Craftin Outlaws quickly arriving, I have lots of work to get done! I'm hoping to get a few tote bags completed over the weekend and a batch of bibs. After last weeks show, my bib inventory is pretty low. I usually sell tons of bibs at C.O. Also a trip to the zoo if the rain ever stops!
Anyone have any fun weekend plans?

All tied up and happy!


Daily Life

We've been enjoying lots of yummy goodness from the garden and farmers market lately. Sadly, I was told all the local blueberries are gone for the year. They have been my favorite tasty treat at the market. We've been buying several packs of them, and they only last a day or two at our house before they disappear. I'm going to have to start making lot of goodies with apples. So far the apples we had this season have been so tasty!! I'm planning lots of apple mash and applesauce for the kids the next few months.

Here is the scarf I finished while at the festival. I've been working on this one for awhile so it feels really good to have it complete. My newest project is being made with some beautiful blue & green, wool, yarn from Cheeky Monkey at the festival. It's turning into a lovely scarf on my needles as we speak.


Scarves are Here!

Fall scarves are starting to be added to my shop. So far, I've added the "Shades of Fall" and "Theo" scarves. There are more pictures in the shop!

The new scarves, make great fall birthday and holiday gifts! The children's size are perfect up to about age 7, and the adult size fit just about everyone!

I really love making these. The winter months are so bleak and dreary here in Ohio. I'm really looking forward to the pop of color these will bring when we leave the house. My kids have already picked out their favorites...and actually so has mama! Haha. They will each be getting one as a gift for their upcoming birthday's along with a knitted scarf. Yes, I've been busy knitting too. I'll show you what I finished knitting at the festival over the weekend tomorrow!


Independence Day Festival

The festival went great over the weekend. Here's a few pics of my booth space. We had a really nice spot with pretty sunshine filtering in throughout most of the day. This was the only outdoor show, all year that it didn't rain on us. I was SO thankful!!

I got to chat with some awesome former customers, meet some really cool new one's, and talk with some old friends. My favorite moment of the day was playing with a sweet little toddler named, Theo. He has the prettiest little curls in his hair, and an awesome personality.

It was a long, long day, as I arrived about 9:45am and left at 10pm. There was so much going on with vendors checking in, traffic jams and getting the bands, artists and customer, but they pulled if off great[not an easy task]!! Lots of cool stuff to see, lots of fun people to meet.

I even picked up some pretty new blue & green wool yarn. This time, I am actually making something for myself! Yay!

::Sweater Balls and Quilts::
:: Scarves, tote bags and skirts ::
::Center of booth ::
:: More scarves and my mannequin ::



Karma: When you do something mean to someone and the Earth knows....so the Earth moves a little to make you fall down....cause it's not nice to do mean things.
--Definition per the fabulous, Mr. {D}

{D} told me this the other day after he feel down. He said he was mean to his sister and karma got him. I think I laughed harder than I ever have. So enjoy your weekend, and do something good for your Karma...or the Earth will shift and getcha!

Don't forget to come down to the Independence Day festival if your local!! We'll be there from noon-late[8pm-10ish]! I'll have all my new mini-houses, quilts and scarves out for sale!


Promo Swap!

Anyone interested in a promo swap? I make fun little giveaway bags and pass them out at my craft shows. I think it's a great way to help promote handmade and other artists.
I plan on passing these out at Craftin Outlaws on October 17th.

I'm looking for any promotional items you'd like to send-coupons, postcards, samples, moo cards, buttons, bookmarks, samples, pamphlets, etc.
I hope to do at least 100 bags, depending on how many people are interested. In the past I have done anywhere from 100-200 for a show!

It's a great inexpensive way to be seen by people already interested in buying handmade. If you'd like to be included in the bags, post a comment here with a way for you to reach me, or send me a quick convo on Etsy and I'll send you my address.

Everyone is welcome!! I would need everyting by October 8th so I have time to get things put together.

[The pictures here are a few bags from previous shows]


I finished the green quilt...and I LOVE it! This is one of favorites. The best part for me is the back. I love how the quilt looks pretty from both sides-either side "could" be the front.

I think the blanket is bright & colorful, and super fun for a little girl or boy. Making gender neutral things is really important to me. I think it's so silly that colors are assigned genders. When Mr. {D} was about 3 years old, he wanted a pair of purple shoes SO bad! Well, try explaining, they don't make purple boy shoes, only girl ones, to a toddler. It was frustrating!

I'll have the quilt with me this weekend at the Independence Day Show if anyone is interested in it.


Keeping Busy

Lots of quilting going on in the studio this week. I am hoping to finish 3 more quilts for the show on Saturday. It's an unrealistic goal, but hey a girl can try! I am almost finished with this green one. It turned out so nice! I used a fun abc & numbers print for the back. The two coordinate perfectly. I'm hoping to finish up my rocker quilt and a red, gender neutral one that I have been working on.

If they don't make it to the Independence Day show, they will be at Craftin Outlaws for sure. I'm also finishing up my application for Tiny Canary also. I had the BEST time at that show last year and would love to make it in again! It's so well organized and the crowd is awesome. Anyone local should check it out. Craftin Outlaws & Tiny Canary are great for stocking up on unique holiday gifts. We have been trying to give handmade for the past few years.

How about some good old messy faced kid pictures:
Her best impression of those old clown, hobo pictures. Haha, she actually had no idea her face was covered with dirt. She'll love this one when she's about 14 years old.

Sleeping after a hearty blueberry pancake breakfast



After several weeks, I FINALLY have my fabric stash under control. I spent Saturday afternoon folding and sorting by color. It feels so rewarding to look over my shoulder and see everything all neat and tidy! I even uncovered a few prints I forgot I had.

Lots of work was finished over the weekend also. I've been working on some tote bags. I made a set of these for my kids a few weeks back and they have not set them down. Love at first sight-haha. They are great for packing an afternoon snack, toys for a long car ride, coloring books & crayons, extra clothes for the young ones, or carrying the fun new pieces of a collection of sticks and rocks your children pick up at the park. So many uses and cute also.

The straps are long enough to use as a messenger bag for the littlest ones, but also a nice length for adults to carry under their arm, measuring 11.5 x 11.5. [I'm going to make myself one as soon as I find the time]

The prints are not "matchy" but blend together so nicely. A great marriage of color and texture! I even have a few for the boys. I find it so hard to find little boy things that are cute and not plastered with cartoon characters or sports themed. [we are not into either.] Mr {D} LOVES his bag and have taken it to several farmers ,markets, used it to carry his doll, and a trip to the zoo. He won't leave home without it now.



I've got a date with my studio this weekend! Lots of work to get finished and just as much that needs started. Although as far as "dates" go, I'll gladly take this one.

Between making gifts for {D} & {M}'s upcoming birthday's and getting ready for the show I have lined up [I'm not even going to get into Christmas gift making] I have my work cut out for me this fall.

Busy isn't a bad thing, with the right scheduling I'll be fine. The unfortunate thing right now is having a house full of sick kids, and a mama that woke up with a sore throat today. No fun at all! Truthfully, I'm looking forward to a little piece and time to myself this weekend. Just the whirr of the sewing machine...if I sew fast enough it will drown out the crying and yelling the kids do in the other room. "Why is Mama sewing again? When will she be done Daddy? MAMAAAAA!!!!!Followed with my husband asking me some silly question every ten minutes in hopes that I will just come out of the studio and resume my role as mother.

So lovely Fabric, it's date. I'll meet you in the studio bright & early for some sewing and cleaning. What are your weekend plans?


Happiness is...

Yummy, Healthy Goodness.

Found treasures from the Earth,

after a long day of playing in the mud.

A peaceful moment.

Creations from children.



Sneak Peek: Scarves

I've been working on adding a few new things to my line this Fall. Here's a tiny sneak peak at my scarves.

So often I have people come up and talk to me at shows, saying how much they love my stuff, but have no children to buy for. A few of those lovely ladies actually purchased my quilts to use as art in their homes. So, I got to thinking I could make more for my Kunklebaby customers without children.

I have been making scarves for my children & family for awhile and thought they would make a great addition right now as we head into the chillier months. They come in two sizes, "adult" & "child", and a rainbow of colors. They will be with me at my next few shows, so anyone local, come say hello! [shows are listed in the side bar].

The kids are not left out either! Plenty of smaller scarves in the bold, fun prints I often use. I'll even have a few organics for the eco-chic look. They include my own original, hand printed images on some of the squares.

This blue & green one is my favorite of the adult sizes. If this girlie makes it through show season, I'm adding it to my closet!


Mini Houses

Over the long weekend, I was able to get a bunch of stuff completed, and spend time with the family. I finally got the studio tidied up. Some furniture was moved around, some went to the garage and my favorite thrifted find came back in, a cool old table [I'll show you pictures later this week].

With the new table added to the studio, I now have a computer space and a sewing space separate from each other. I used to have to move the sewing stuff, while on the laptop and clear away all my papers and files when I wanted to sew. Sometimes it was just too much energy and I decided against sewing. Often I only had a few minutes anyways and didn't want to spend it shifting materials. It's so AWESOME to have a nice clear desk to sew whenever my work calls to me!

So, with all this new found space I had to work on a couple things! I've been making these mini houses for a few weeks now. Each one is stitched by hand, with lots of love. I've found that I can handsewn while schooling the kids, so when I finish one of these, I feel like I accomplished two things in the time of one-yay. As a mom of three young kids, this is rarely a feeling I have. I love the texture and little bits of other things sewn in. I hate throwing away fabric, even tiny bits, so these houses make me happy to see my little pieces made into something cool.

They can be hung on a wall [I recommend three in a row], used as an ornament or added to a shelf that needs a little fun. These few still needs their sides stitched up, but I wanted to show them off. I will have a small batch of them at the Independence Day show.

I have more "new goodies" to show off later this week. I've been working hard at a few new products and I'm really excited to show them off!