A big thanks to everyone that came out to see me at Craftin Outlaws!! Another successful year for the show. We had an awesome day! Loved the new location, loved the crowd. A special thanks to my friend Mary who came and kept me company for the day. [It was so fun!]


This week...

This week, my very first baby turned seven. I feel so emotional about it all. This is my son who made me a mother. He taught what it was really like to love someone else more than myself [the very moment I laid eyes on him]. The boy who makes me laugh hysterically and also makes me want to tear the hair from my head at times [often all in the same day].

How in the world has seven years passed so quickly? I feel as if he was just on my shoulder, snuggled into the rocking chair, awaiting the dawn with me. First steps, first smiles, laughs, giggles, food, first teeth, then lost teeth, school... these things have seemed to pass in a whirlwind. Sure each year I say wow, your growing fast, but somehow seven is so very different. Seven just seems so... grown. He needs me so much less as the years pass. No longer do I need to help his chubby little fingers button coats, or put on stubborn shoes. He asks to be left alone to play at times, not begging me to play with him. He's no longer a baby, certainly not a toddler, but not a man yet either- a small time just in between. I like feel I will blink and he'll be a teenager-all angsty and wanting to borrow my car.

He's creative, unique, funny, silly and just overall a cool person. He has this great way of looking at life with such optimism and a drive to change things for the better. I see him doing wonderful things in his life, and I'm a proud mama!
I'm so thankful for the past seven years that I've gotten to spend with him.

Happy Birthday [my baby] Son!


It's done!

I finally took the plunge and knitted something other than a scarf. While I love making scarves and have been trying out lots of different stitches, this was exciting to do. Something new!

When we go to pick out Miss {M} from school each day, I have all 3 boys in tow. Mr. {D}, being the oldest, is fine to walk alone and happy to walk by his mama still [yay!]. Little {L} on the other hand is a runner. I have to keep a death grip on his hand to keep him from "wandering" aka running like wild in the opposite direction mama wants him to go. To ensure I can deal with that little boy, my hands need to be free.

What about the baby you ask? He gets put in the Ergo carrier. He's a happy little baby, but it's been a little chilly lately and I've been wondering what I'll do to keep him warm. Wrapping him in a blanket didn't work. He can't wear anything too bulky and fit in the sling. While looking through a book of gorgeous knitted items that I could never make in a million years, I came across a pattern for this little poncho. It will fit over the Ergo and since it's made of wool, keeps him just warm enough on the brisk days.

It's baby approved and let's face it...I'm just proud I finished! Can that little boy get any cuter?


This Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


Let It Be!

When I was pregnant with Little {L} I used to clean the house and listen to the Beatles album, Let it Be. Seems normal enough, huh? Did I meantion once I got to Across the Universe, I would start weeping? Yes, not crying, but weeping, sometimes sobbing. They were both tears of happiness & sadness-sometimes in an extra-crazy pregnant moment, I would have no idea why I was crying at all.

I would cry for all the happy things the future held-watching the kids grow up, starting school, first steps, kisses & hugs. I would cry for the sad times-watching the kids GROW up [lol], starting school, missing them, missing relatives who've passed before meeting the kids, wondering if I had what it took to be a mom to three kids.

The CD eventually made it to the car and was lodged under a seat for awhile-like a year. I found it yesterday. I popped it into the radio while driving Miss {M} to school. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the same emotions I felt 2.5 years ago. The differences were so apparent though. Not only am I a mother of 3, I'm a mama to 4 now! With the addition of #4, I feel so much calmer & at peace. I worry less about things that may or may not happen and spend more time in the current moment. More time focused on what my babies are doing today, at THIS time. Yes, I still think about what the future may hold, but I worry about it less. I don't look ahead to what the next milestone may be, but enjoy what they are doing now.

What will be, will be... just let it be. Be. Enjoy the day!


It's Official

We've been to the pumpkin patch-fall has officially arrived for us. The irony of it was the weather-in the 80's today. This was the warmest it's ever been for us on a trip to the patch over the years. We are usually in sweatshirts, when it's "warm" and wool coats & hats on cold years. We also had friends to share the day with, which made it extra fun for the kids.

Ohhh, how I love the pumpkin patch and fall. So happy you've arrived.


This Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Join in at Soulemama.


New Dress

With everything to do around here lately, I still fit in a little sewing for the kids. Lots of new fall pj's, and a few dresses for our brood. This dress is my favorite of the bunch! I purchased this fabric over a year ago. It was an online fabric buy, and when it arrived I wasn't sure I liked it. It's sat, waiting for the perfect project!As soon as the last stitch was in place, I was in love with this dress-and the fabric. The two go so well together. Miss {M} looks so prettty when dressed in blue.


Not so Black & White

When I was younger, everything was so simple. So very, very black and white. Things were either one way, or another-right or wrong. There was no gray, no middle ground. I was so head strong in my idea's, that I believed there was no other way. I often thought kids who misbehaved, were not "taught" to behave by their parents. People who didn't "have" time for themselves, chose not to make it. Most dreaded of all, the long, How..old am I, again?.... uggg, this one annoyed me most of all. I used to think who in the world can't even remember their own age? They just want to look cute, and not seem so old.


Over the past several years, I have learned just how wrong I was. I look back at the younger me and can't believe some of the crap that went through my head! Once I stopped worrying about silly, nonsense that didn't affect my daily life, I was so much happier & peaceful.

As for children, yep even the best kids have moments of "terror children" in public. Even my best efforts, can't avoid a meltdown every so often from one of my brood-in public. Time has been a real challenge lately. While I want to do things that I enjoy and like, there really is just not enough time in a day. While I "can" fit them in, it usually means putting something else off till later. [can be done, but at a cost]. The Age issue...well, let's just say that I started having to "think" about my age a few kids, err, years ago. Seriously, those people were not kidding! With so many other things swimming in our heads, those kinda things sometimes get lost!

So, the next time, someone really annoys you, or things seem all wrong. Take a deep breath and relax, it's not all black & white. Once I realized so much was going on in the background, the gray area's, with other people [kids, jobs, chores, list, more lists, family, stress], until you walk in their shoes, you have no idea what's happening-cut them a little slack.Most of all, keep on smiling! Enjoy the rainbow.


Getting close: Craftin Outlaws

Getting close to Craftin Outlaws! I'm so excited for the show this year! This will be Kunklebaby's 4th year attending the show as a vendor. The vibe of the show is what really makes it fun!

I'm sewing away trying to get ready. I'll have some new quilt designs, new boo-boo packs [so fun & useful], and a whole batch of cool, new bib designs. I'm really excited about all the new pieces, along with some old favorites.
Stop by and shop early for the holiday's. I'll have our newest addition with me for much of the day. While your there, say hello & meet the little guy.