Baby Booties

Last night around 8pm, I had the sudden need to sew-anything! I have so many projects 1/2 started and I want to finish those up, but......new book, sewing for baby? Yeah, it won. I sewed these cute little shoes from the new Anna Marie Horner book. I debated starting with the 3-6m size because my kids tend to be large at birth. At the last minute I went with the 0-3m and I'm glad I did. They are not super tiny, but actually look like they will be a little big [yay!]. Some bootie patterns run so small! Not these.

The fabric is a cool, Alexander Henry print featuring tattoo designs. I LOVE this fabric and only had a small piece left, the perfect size for this project! I already started on another pair in sweet yellow, with frogs, from the Heather Ross far far away line. [I can't wait until Part 2 of the line arrives next month! I better start saving $$]

The ultrasound went great yesterday. Baby looks good, amniotic fluid looks good! They are guessing the baby will be between 8.5-9 lbs. So not that big after all! Yay! They were worried about a 10+ pounder. I got a last peek at the baby before he/she arrives. I sure hope it's soon [as in tomorrow is perfect] , I'm so anxious & getting quite uncomfortable! The baby was sucking on it's hands, which was super cute to watch! My older kids thought they were going to tell me the exact day the baby would arrive. They were thoroughly disappointed when I told them, no one can guess that!

Off to sew a pair of "sweet" booties to go with these "cool" one's. Enjoy your weekend!



I'm not hiding out from my blog, just trying to get lots of stuff done in a short amount of time! 9 months seems like so very long until you get into the home stretch and realize you have 101 things to get done still. Add to that the crazy amount of sewing projects I decided HAD to be done, and it's quite a list-silly mama.

I'm hoping to get a pair of slippers sewn before going to the hospital and a set of 3 baby dolls for the older kids-that way each child can have their very own baby on the day we come home with the newest addition. I got the new Anna Marie Horner book, Handmade Beginnings yesterday. So many more projects I want to add to my sew for baby list.....hmmm, I think I am going in the wrong direction here?

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound to check out the size of this wee, or rather not-so-wee one. Here's to hoping she or he isn't gigantic!


Happy Friday!

I'm so happy that Friday is here! Rain is in the forecast all weekend, but I don't even care. I'm so looking forward to having my husband home to help care for the kids and getting some last minute things done before the baby. [hopefully sewing if I can find the energy]. We all had a great time at the birthday party last weekend, but this weekend is slated for rest & relaxation!

Here's some bright & warm colored brooches for any of you out there also dealing with rain. Hope they cheer you up! They will be added to my shop over the next few days. Enjoy!


New Friends

It's been a long week here at the Kunklebaby household!! An extra-preggo Mama is getting slower & slower getting things done. Everything from laundry and household things, to getting up from the couch. Things take longer and require more effort. Luckily, this baby is headed out into the world shortly.

Mr. {D} also had surgery this week, he had his tonsils & adenoids removed and his lining of his nose scraped down. It's been a tough recovery for him! This is the longest he has been quiet for his entire life! Normally the chatter box of the house, it's actually erie how silent it seems without his conversation.

The morning of his surgery, I made him this little friend to take along and keep him company.
Mr. {D} is completely into anything that has to do with vampires-if it's mama made, even better. His little eyes lit up when I showed him this guy, bright & early before leaving the house. I started him about 10pm the night before, it was just one of those moments where a mom knows her little one needs something special-made with love! He has not left his side since, so I think it's safe to say he's helping with the healing process.
Happy Earth Day everyone!!


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Earth Day Party

Little {L} turned two year old last week. Over the weekend we had an Earth Day themed birthday party. The kids had SO much fun! We had decorations made from natural & recycled items. An earth cake, including an earth colored inside! Seedling cupcakes made with chocolate frosting and green jelly beans, "sprouting" from the dirt.

The backdrop is made from upcycled paint chips. I had a whole bunch of paint sample books from the last time we painted. A quick circle punch job, and then they were glued to yarn. Mr. {D} was proud to say all day that he picked the stick they were hung from.

I made these little journals to give to the children at the party.

Peek a boo!

Go Green!!



Smile: it's a beautiful day! Look around you to see all you to be thankful for!



Lots of waiting going on at our house. Waiting for the veggies to sprout, waiting for school to end for the season, waiting for lots of warm days, waiting for playing in the pool and dancing in sprinklers, and most of all waiting for baby!

I can't wait to meet this little one. This pregnancy at time has seemed to last so long. I never experienced that with the others. Typically at this point I am starting to get sad because soon I will no longer be pregnant. This time, I am counting down the days. Partly due to the surprising, painful aspects of this pregnancy [baby please more OFF my pelvic bone!], and partly I want to know if we have a new little girl or boy to love. The waiting is driving me crazy! I've tried to fill my time with sewing, gardening and the bigger kids homeschooling, but my mind always lingers on thoughts of the baby.


growing up

Little {L} will turn two this week! Yes two years old already. I have no idea where the time has gone. One minute he was this sweet little newborn snuggling in close to sleep, and the blink of an eye...he's an adventurous, tough little explorer.
He's grown into such a funny little personality. The other kids laugh and say no one can ever stay mad at Little {L} cause he has special, magic charming powers. Sometimes, I think they are so right! Happy Birthday Baby Boy!



It's been wonderful watching all the plants growing and blooming. To keep busy while waiting for my own little bean to grow, we've done way more planting than we ever get done this early. The tomato's & lettuce seeds are planted. The children are anxiously waiting for them to sprout. We planted lots of spring flowers and have even seen a few come back from last year!

The pink blooms on the photo are from a tree in our backyard. My husband and I planted it the first summer we bought our house. It's really cool to watch it grow and realize how much we have grown. We've grown older, sometimes wiser, watched our family double, gained new friends, and shared a lot in the few years since we planted the little tree. I do mean little too, she was kinda sad looking for the first 2 years. We had no idea what we were doing and just walked into the garden center and picked a "cheap" one. When I look at the pretty blooms, I can't help but feel nostalgic abmy husband and the direction our lives has gone. Soon baby #4 will be welcomed into the home and someday play under this very tree with smiling, giggling siblings.


Andrea Creates nominated me for a Kreative Blogger Award a few weeks ago. It's been so crazy that I never got a chance to get to it. Then it occurred to me that Kym from Sugarmouse , had also nominated me for a Sunshine Award quite some time ago. Sorry guys! This baby bean has been slowing me down more than I'd like. So here's 7 new things about me:

[1. ]I love ANYTHING having to do with vampires. I've read hundreds of books with vampire story lines! I can't turn down a vampire movie either, no matter how stupid it may look.

[2. ]Sewing is not my first creative outlet. I have been a painter since I was a young child. I studied painting and design in college. I taught myself how to sew after mr. {D} was born. With a hectic household full of young children, I don't paint very often these days, but the love is still there, waiting to find the time again.

[3. ]I love being pregnant. Lots of women cringe at the thought, but not me. I feel so special having a new little being growing stronger each day inside me. Can't wait to meet baby #4 in a few weeks!

[4. ]I've been with my husband since high school. We met when I was 15 years old. Ahhh, young love, lol

[5. ] If we suddenly won the lottery and were able to have a bigger house, I'd be THRILLED to have a few more kids.

[6. ] I love napping in the sunshine on a cool, spring day. Replenishes the soul!

[7. ] I reorganize [as in move all the furniture] in my house often. My husband jokes that the ONLY place the couches have not been is on the ceiling. I like a change what can I say?

In lieu of nominating other bloggers, how about anyone who reads this post, add a comment with one new tidbit of information about you.


New Spring Brooches


I've added some new brooches to the shop. I love these colorful designs for spring. If your looking for a specific color scheme, and you don't see if. Send me an email and I can make a custom one for you.

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