summer of 1964

So, not exactly 1964, but this photo totally reminds me of something that could have been taken then. The striped & polka dot swimsuits, children hanging out at the beach house, sunny, bright yellow paint... I can almost hear, The Doors playing on the radio when I look at this. Yes, I have a pretty avid imagination I guess for someone born in the 80's. I can continue dreaming of the 60's, though. It will never stop!

All in all, it was a great day, minus the house and half Baby {J} cried he had to go to the bathroom, but refused to use our friends. {the very idea Mom!} Anyone else have a child that will ONLY use their bathroom at home? Don't even ask about the though of a "public" restroom. Sends shivers down his spine All my other children wanted to see the bathroom EVERYWHERE we went, sometimes 3x or more just to check it out. I thought that was aggravating at the time, but at least I wasn't driving home to make pit stops for them. Ahh well,this too shall pass in time. Someday {J} will be holding his own wee baby, and I'll chuckle to myself reminiscing about his toddlerhood and these stories. Happy news, he finally gave in and peed-- at someone else's house. OMG-the very idea. I was a happy Mama, and hopefully, just hopefully we are taking baby steps towards other bathrooms out yonder.

-for the full retro effect- 

 Happy Summer-ing.



Summer is in full force here. The weather is beautiful, the kids have been out of school for a few weeks now.      It's taken a little adjusting this year, to the new schedules and having to continue with speech & school for {L}, but I think we are getting there. I keep trying to remind myself, when the kids are all in my ear, bored, hungry or arguing--that this is hard for them too. Let's face it change is hard no matter how small or insignificant seeming. I should know, I am the queen of anxiety, over unstructured, change.

While each day hasn't been filled with rainbows and unicorns {yet-fingers crossed for that day}, we are enjoying each others company and getting back to the relaxing, feeling of release that summer brings. I hope another week or so and the older children will get back in the hang of being home all the time {ohh, how I miss homeschooling, right about now. There would have been no shift} This summer I am trying to let go a bit and give these two quickly growing up, children, a little more freedom and independence. I am working on speech and letters with the younger two over the next few months, waiting to see if {L} will be ready to enter school when he should. {It's the unknown and waiting that gets me}

Lots & lots of reading has been happening in our home for everyone. We removed the tv from our living room a few months back, and I couldn't be happier about the process. The first week was rough for everyone. Lots of whining, grumpy, children and I thought I might go mad from the complaints. Right when I thought this would never work, what was I thinking making life harder for myself, a change fluttered through the house. The kids were finding toys long forgotten. Reading way more than before {and they were big readers to begin with}, spending more time exploring in the yard and just plain relaxing. Rach day, they were missing that old tv, less & less. I think the shift helped Little {L} the most of all. I am a happy mama with our choice. Our home is not totally tv free, and Friday movie night has now taken on a while new meaning for the kids.

So as summer filters into our lives day by day this month, we will be enjoying the sun, working on a few relationships in the house, and trying to make everyday count to it's fullest.


so little... so far

In such a short time, this little guy has come so far. Two years ago he was unable to fully stick his tongue out. He was unable to speak 3/4 of all sounds and he was FRUSTRATED. It was so difficult to watch him act out aggressively due to that frustration. My heart would weep.

I can't help but smile at every single picture he sticks his tongue out in. He worked for this, he struggled & persevered just to be able to do that. The weeks and years has passed quickly since we started speech therapy. In that time my shy, little boy, longing to be heard and understood, has blossomed into such a talkative, deep thinking little man. Each day opening up more and more. I will forever be thankful for the women who have helped us along this path, and continue to help us week after week. These wonderful people, who sit with my child, and sing and play, while helping him, never judging or pushing too hard, have changed life for us.

So a little smile may cross my face, every time this child of mine sticks his tongue out at me. Four years old or forty four, with silliness or anger, it's all worth it kid! I can't wait to watch you grow some more tomorrow.


ladybug release

Over the weekend, we released 1,500 ladybugs into our gardens. Ladybugs eat aphids and save our veggies from the little invaders. When released at dusk, since they do not fly at night, they will remain on the plants, eating up the bad guys and laying eggs until morning. I looked around locally and could not find any sadly, so we resorted to ordering ours. I was a little worried about the shipping process, but they arrived happy & alive.

The kids LOVED it! Ok, I loved ot too! Even the littlest who is not a fan of any bugs so far! He was calling them to him, like you call a cat, Chuuu chuuuuu... here lalalaloo bug. It was awesome. Once the bag was open they were quick to try and make their escape. We needed them in three area's of the yard so we held the bag so it could be moved when needed. If you only had one area you could just lay the bag down and watch them crawl and fly out. The kids liked and were also creeped out at times, with the bugs crawling over their hands & wrists.

When the last ladybug has flown the coop, the kids moved on to building a grand, obstacle course. Complete with yard toys, random "not" kid things like the shovel, and some newspaper I had used earlier in the day to block spray paint. They savored every minute of being outside after their normal bedtimes. Running, giggling and enjoying the early eve. Littlest guy decided he was bored with older kids and set out to be naughty. See that mischievous little grin up there. I may be in trouble with this one. haha!

Summer has arrived for us!