It's Santa!

First Year with no tears & all the kids made it onto Santa's lap. Hooray! Baby {J} wasn't "thrilled", but we'll blame that on just being woken from a nice comfy nap and dropped onto a strange man with a giant white beard and silly hat's, lap.

Gifts asked for this year: a sword, magic, & a guitar, or kids computer... Baby {J} just wanted to go back to sleep.



More Baking

Christmas cookies! Oh, how I LOVE Christmas cookies. The frosting, glitter and color! They make me feel happy & cheerful just looking at them. That all said, I actually hate baking. Yes hate. When the cookies are all cooked, cooled & decorated and smiling at me from their glass jars and holiday plates is when I sit back and enjoy them.

This year my husband asked why I do cookies EVERY year if I hate the process [he had to "help" this year, so quickly he questioned the need. hmmm, men]. I said wait until the kids are busy creating their little snowmen, gingerbread's and tree's. Look close at their little faces concentrating & perfecting. THAT is why! The memories of the kids faces is totally worth it for me! They way their eyes sparkle and light up when they get it just so.

See you next year holiday sugar cookies... now pass me some chocolate covered pretzels. YUM!



Happy Winter Solstice! We spent the day baking cookies, laughing & enjoying each others company... and the bigger kids got to watch "Attack of the 50 ft Woman" from 1958. Fun times, hee-hee.
Looking forward to a warm, happy winter snuggled up with my children.


Some Christmas creations

The Christmas Elves {aka-mama} are working around the clock to have everything ready for the holiday. It's approaching so quickly! I had everything under control and was way ahead of schedule until disaster struck the Kunklebaby household. Every single person in the family has been sick. A nasty cold bug has drifted through the family for 2 weeks now, slowly working it's way through all six members of the house. One urgent care visit, fevers of 104+ and lots of medicine and we are slowly getting to the other side, only the parents are left ill at this point.

Here's a peek at some of the current projects happening, in various stages. Lots of needle felting & sewing with a splash of embroidery here and there. The red nest & eggs in the last picture was made by Miss {M} for her teacher. They have been studying birds in her classroom. I'm really proud of her work!

I hope there are enough hours left next week to get everything finished up. I have a quilt & several dolls 1/2 way to completion for the kids. Lots of late nights after they are tucked in bed.



I can't help but feel overwhelmingly proud as I watch my oldest child, play with the youngest. He's so kind, and genuinely interested in the baby. We know so much more now with #4 than we did after our first-young parents, super excited to be a "family", just learning who we were together, still. For that matter who we were ourselves! Over the years, I"ve come to no longer think in terms of "I", but, "we". I rarely say I anymore, and even rarer is the singular thought. We are now a family, for good or bad times.

Sometimes when the day is dragging on, and I feel like I cannot take one more minute of this life-laundry, bickering children, muddy dogs and the never ending shuttle service called mom- I revisit moments like these. Captured sometimes by my camera, sometimes just in my mind, and it makes it all worth it. These days pass far to quick, and I am desperate to enjoy each & every moment. Too quickly will these small fingers & toes grow.


It takes a Village...

Village of felt Gingerbread house ornaments, waiting to go to their new homes on Christmas. Lots of ornament crafting going on at our house these days. Lots of last minute things to sew and finish, but it's been so fun.



A cookie. I never though one single cookie could bring me so much joy. One cookie brought giggles, smiles and happiness to our tiniest member of the family. All that happy warms a Mama's soul!

I feel like this one is growing up over night. In the wee hours when we are asleep in our warm bed, not noticing how fast the inches & milestones are passing. This one who seems like he just arrived, but is on the brink of crawling and talking.This little boy, so new, yet so very much a part of this family. This will be his first Christmas. I know he will have absolutely no memory of the season, but it will hold a special place in my heart forever.



Lots of making going on at our home. Between Kunklebaby Christmas orders and all our holiday gifts that need made, our days have been full. I've spent the past few months knitting and we'll spend the last few weeks before Christmas sewing. The kids have their own long list of "to do's", like Christmas cookies, clay, gingerbread houses and their own gift making. Mama is finishing scarves, new dolls, quilts, ornaments and some homemade baking too.

It's such a happy time of year for us. We are all excited to see the extended family soon. With most of our relatives 2+ hours away, it's becoming a special treat.


Merry & Bright

I am so amazed by the love these two little boys show each other! Little {L} is never referred to as a "gentle" child, but he is so tender and sweet with his Baby JuJu! I love watching them grow into friends. I know there will be many fights & disagreements over the years, but deep down, the love is already there-a bond of brotherhood growing stronger each day!



So, it turns out that Little L is horrified of Santa this year! We went to our local, annual tree lighting. [We have been going for six years now, it's amazing. Tree's, music, lights & fireworks!]. The whole day, {L} was chattering on about Ho-Ho [Santa]. He was chuckling, giggling and running around with excitement. Fast Forward to that night-we arrived late, almost missing the lighting. Mama is stressed [doesn't anyone understand how important this was! lol] Turns out due to "our" [read-husband] lateness we scored a PRIME spot right at the base of the stage. Things are looking up and stressed mama switches to excited again Mama! Thinks, this is going to be amazing! Super close so all the kids can actually see this year. The parade is ending, the crowd is cheering, here comes Santa, he's making his way towards us! I know any moment {L} will be squealing in delight! He's in sight!...and {L} is.... SCREAMING? Screaming and clawing at his Dad like we are trying to feed him to Santa. One morsel at a time! Screaming like his skin is n fire!

I was so confused.... Turns out, the ol' Shrek Christmas movie he's been watching has a scene where Santa, roaring like a jolly Godzilla, eats The Gingerbread Man's girlfriend-all up. This 2 minute scene, have terrified my baby. Looks like this picture is as close to Santa as he will be getting this year! Oh Shrek.



The magic of Christmas is once again flowing through the house. Whispers of Santa and all the upcoming fun times, flow out from under the doors of the "sleeping" children's rooms. The ornaments are on the tree and we listened to our young children reminisce about their "old" memories of Christmas' past. Mama is happy and can't stop thinking about knitting, sewing and all the new gifts to be made for the children. If magic exists I feel it this time of year. We will be celebrating Baby's First Christmas, for the fourth time-each and every as special as the last.

I can't wait to see what else the season holds for us!



YAY-the holiday is almost here. I'm so happy for a short week and looking forward to the nice break from the daily shuffle back & forth to school and rushing, rushing all about. No travelling for us, no chaotic last minute packing, no sitting patiently to leave the holiday feast to get some vegetarian food we actually eat.
Just 4 glorious days of doing whatever we want... and a yummy vegetarian Thanksgiving meal mixed in there. Hello comfy couch & knitting needles, I've missed you both!



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Get a headstart on all your holiday shopping!


I hope six still has room for unicorns, silly faces, snuggles with mama, holding hands, the mystique of fairies, late night chats about dreams & wishes.
All the magic in the world is wrapped up in this little girl. My little girl who is quickly becoming not so little anymore. It seems like yesterday she was placed in my arms. A wee-little tiny babe. So much smaller than any of the boys ever were! I was scared to hold her-didn't want to break her. She is an old soul with an amazing quest for knowledge and love. She continue's to amaze me with her wisdom & sweetness. The past six years have been magical for me getting to know her. Just being near her. I'm so lucky to call you my daughter!
Happy Birthday sweet girl.



A big thanks to everyone that came out to see me at Craftin Outlaws!! Another successful year for the show. We had an awesome day! Loved the new location, loved the crowd. A special thanks to my friend Mary who came and kept me company for the day. [It was so fun!]


This week...

This week, my very first baby turned seven. I feel so emotional about it all. This is my son who made me a mother. He taught what it was really like to love someone else more than myself [the very moment I laid eyes on him]. The boy who makes me laugh hysterically and also makes me want to tear the hair from my head at times [often all in the same day].

How in the world has seven years passed so quickly? I feel as if he was just on my shoulder, snuggled into the rocking chair, awaiting the dawn with me. First steps, first smiles, laughs, giggles, food, first teeth, then lost teeth, school... these things have seemed to pass in a whirlwind. Sure each year I say wow, your growing fast, but somehow seven is so very different. Seven just seems so... grown. He needs me so much less as the years pass. No longer do I need to help his chubby little fingers button coats, or put on stubborn shoes. He asks to be left alone to play at times, not begging me to play with him. He's no longer a baby, certainly not a toddler, but not a man yet either- a small time just in between. I like feel I will blink and he'll be a teenager-all angsty and wanting to borrow my car.

He's creative, unique, funny, silly and just overall a cool person. He has this great way of looking at life with such optimism and a drive to change things for the better. I see him doing wonderful things in his life, and I'm a proud mama!
I'm so thankful for the past seven years that I've gotten to spend with him.

Happy Birthday [my baby] Son!


It's done!

I finally took the plunge and knitted something other than a scarf. While I love making scarves and have been trying out lots of different stitches, this was exciting to do. Something new!

When we go to pick out Miss {M} from school each day, I have all 3 boys in tow. Mr. {D}, being the oldest, is fine to walk alone and happy to walk by his mama still [yay!]. Little {L} on the other hand is a runner. I have to keep a death grip on his hand to keep him from "wandering" aka running like wild in the opposite direction mama wants him to go. To ensure I can deal with that little boy, my hands need to be free.

What about the baby you ask? He gets put in the Ergo carrier. He's a happy little baby, but it's been a little chilly lately and I've been wondering what I'll do to keep him warm. Wrapping him in a blanket didn't work. He can't wear anything too bulky and fit in the sling. While looking through a book of gorgeous knitted items that I could never make in a million years, I came across a pattern for this little poncho. It will fit over the Ergo and since it's made of wool, keeps him just warm enough on the brisk days.

It's baby approved and let's face it...I'm just proud I finished! Can that little boy get any cuter?


This Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


Let It Be!

When I was pregnant with Little {L} I used to clean the house and listen to the Beatles album, Let it Be. Seems normal enough, huh? Did I meantion once I got to Across the Universe, I would start weeping? Yes, not crying, but weeping, sometimes sobbing. They were both tears of happiness & sadness-sometimes in an extra-crazy pregnant moment, I would have no idea why I was crying at all.

I would cry for all the happy things the future held-watching the kids grow up, starting school, first steps, kisses & hugs. I would cry for the sad times-watching the kids GROW up [lol], starting school, missing them, missing relatives who've passed before meeting the kids, wondering if I had what it took to be a mom to three kids.

The CD eventually made it to the car and was lodged under a seat for awhile-like a year. I found it yesterday. I popped it into the radio while driving Miss {M} to school. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the same emotions I felt 2.5 years ago. The differences were so apparent though. Not only am I a mother of 3, I'm a mama to 4 now! With the addition of #4, I feel so much calmer & at peace. I worry less about things that may or may not happen and spend more time in the current moment. More time focused on what my babies are doing today, at THIS time. Yes, I still think about what the future may hold, but I worry about it less. I don't look ahead to what the next milestone may be, but enjoy what they are doing now.

What will be, will be... just let it be. Be. Enjoy the day!


It's Official

We've been to the pumpkin patch-fall has officially arrived for us. The irony of it was the weather-in the 80's today. This was the warmest it's ever been for us on a trip to the patch over the years. We are usually in sweatshirts, when it's "warm" and wool coats & hats on cold years. We also had friends to share the day with, which made it extra fun for the kids.

Ohhh, how I love the pumpkin patch and fall. So happy you've arrived.


This Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Join in at Soulemama.


New Dress

With everything to do around here lately, I still fit in a little sewing for the kids. Lots of new fall pj's, and a few dresses for our brood. This dress is my favorite of the bunch! I purchased this fabric over a year ago. It was an online fabric buy, and when it arrived I wasn't sure I liked it. It's sat, waiting for the perfect project!As soon as the last stitch was in place, I was in love with this dress-and the fabric. The two go so well together. Miss {M} looks so prettty when dressed in blue.