these little boys of mine

Sometimes I just stare at them and wonder how I EVER got so lucky to be their mother. How lucky I am to have these amazing, sweet little people in my life. They make me smile, and sometimes cry. They make me feel strong and important, beautiful and smart. They make me happy, and warm. I am thankful for their giggles, smiles and hugs. Thankful they come to me and ask for help. I hope it never changes.

They make me... happy.


happy easter

Happy Easter! I've never welcomed spring like this year. It's been a long, tough winter for us here and any hint at warmer weather...and a healthier family, is welcomed with open arms. The kids were up, had found all the baskets and eggs by 6:47! Yes, prior to 7am [gulp]. I am so not a morning person, but it was a wonderful happy [albeit early] morning for all!


new shirts

I finally got a serger!! Ohhh serger, how I love you.I have no idea how I ever sewed without one before this! Let's just say while I love you sewing machine, it will never be exclusive again. The first thing I made was a few new shirts for the boys. I love how they turned out. They are all from the same pattern, but each unique in it's own way.

I'm loving the babies little Easter shirt. I had the most trouble with that one. I hate when nothing actually went wrong, things just aren't working out. Seams needed pulled. It started with a regular collar. I tore that out after it went wrong and added the hood. It's far from perfect, but I love it just the same.

The other two shirts were sewn in moments it seemed. Not really, but after all the trouble with Bink's shirt, the older boys together took less time. They have been wearing them not stop, which makes for a happy mama. I have four girls shirts on the to do list now. One for Miss {M} and a few Easter gifts... which hopefully get made prior to Easter. haha.



Little L is turning three this weekend. Three! I can't believe three years has passed already since they placed him in my arms. He was such a sweet, mellow baby. He slept most of the time as an infant. We all laugh that he was just saving up his energy. He woke up one day and flipped the switch. He's the most energetic, physical little boy!

He's so imaginative, silly and sweet. There is such a sweet heart behind all the energy. He has this little mischievous twinkle in his eyes that never leaves. On a good day, I love, love, love it. On a bad day, it's almost enough to drive this mama insane. The good outweigh the rough days though.

At three, you love batman, running, jumping, dancing and anything dangerous. You linger before getting in the car each & every morning to take your sister to school. That linger is just long enough to let you get covered in mud, fall in a puddle, or find something "interesting" to get into. You love tea and chocolate milk-not at the same time. You still twirl your hair while drinking your milk. I wonder if that habit will follow you through life as a relaxing, coping mechanism. You alternate between a batman, superman and a cowboy shirt several times each day, sometimes by the hour.

I love you more that the stars, my sweet, sweet boy! Happy Birthday.


tea for three

A nice quiet morning with tea. A little love in a cup. I received an awesome flowering tea set and new heart shaped tea cups for my birthday last month. They have gotten so much use for only being here a few short weeks. I'm LOVING these cups-the heart shaped liquid makes me smile every time!

I love including the boys in our tea parties. A little time to relax and reflect on the rhythm of our day. We sit and talk and enjoy our drinks, sometimes just water for the littler kids. I think it's really important to include the boys. Boys enjoy tea just as much as my daughter, just as much as running and wrestling. I think the time is extra special with Little {L}, who tends to lean towards more physical activities 98% of the time. I hate gender stereotypes and try really hard to raise the kids equally. Equal choice, opportunity and education! So grab some flavored tea, a few cups and spend some time with those sons!



Turn and face the strain, chhhh-changes. I hear the David Bowie song in my head as I type. So many changes happening here. Little Miss M is growing up, it seems overnight! Another lost tooth for her last week. I don't know what it is about lost teeth, but it just seems so... grown up to me. I'm starting to miss my sweet, cherub faced little girl. The sounds of her feet, running through the house with her spiky pigtails dancing around as as she chased one of the cats to "hug". Those extra, extra long snuggles she perfected. Her little tidbits of childhood wisdom she would interject at- just. the. perfect. moments. As a toddler her eyes carried wisdom far superior to her numerical age. My old soul, my princess.

Her hugs have gotten a little shorter, her patience for mama a little less. More interest is swaying to her friends and school. Mama seems to no longer have all the answers [and some days none]. On one hand I feel deep sadness, like the loss of my friend. On the other, I try to understand it's the changes that need to take place as she grows into a strong, confident woman. I just hope she still needs her mama while she travels the journey- just a little.

The flower bud has to grow to bloom, but it still needs water & sunshine along the way.


this moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Join in at Soulemama.


around the house

So much happens in a day here. Often though, it feels like nothing at all is ever getting accomplished. Never ending piles of laundry, a floor that always could use a mopping, piles of unsewn projects. The stacks getting taller than the children.

I looked around today just to see how much is happening. Truly happening here. Little hands explore, grow, hug. Reading, oh so much reading for our four young one's. Snuggle time, as my well fed, round baby giggles at crackers and falls asleep in the crook of my arm, milk dripping from the side of his mouth. Brains expand and grow. I grow-one day older, one day wiser.

So much being done. So much being done that isn't measured in currency, time, inches or centimeters. Things are being measured with love and memories here. Perfection? no. Happiness together? you bet. Sometimes you need to focus on the little things.


ten months

Little hands grow strong before my eyes. Grasping, exploring, signing for more, milk and eat. New mysteries unfold each day, hour... minute. So much to explore and learn. I'm a proud, gushing mama, but sometimes inside I'm screaming. STAY! STOP! Don't grow, don't change so fast. Do not grow another inch.

My sweet baby number four, so quickly changing into a toddler. As the baby days are drawing to a close, I want to hold onto every second. Remember every expression, sound, the smell of your little baby head after a nap-everything. I fear soon I'll be looking at a grown man, wondering how he was just my baby... yesterday.


Flashback Friday

It's been awhile since I did a flashback Friday, so one is overdue. I came across these pictures the other day. Little {L} is about a month or two older than Baby {J} is right now. SO SO SO very different boys! While Mr. Binks is just working on standing alone right now, Little {L} was running through the house, chaos and messes following him wherever he ran.

I love that his shirt says "I do my own stunts". You can't plan stuff like that. The kid is fearless... since birth!