Creating and Motherhood.

Kunklebaby has helped me continue to create and be a mother. Before having children I spent my busy days attending college, working and painting. Little time was spent at home and I was always on the trying to get to the next thing in time. I loved my job and I was enjoying college.

I always knew I wanted to be a mother. I wanted to stay home and raise my children myself. Daycare was not something I ever considered. I looked at the time when your kids are young as so short, I didn't want to miss a thing!

What I did not plan for was how isolating it was being a stay at home mama. With no family nearby, I found much of my time at home, alone-with the kids. While I loved being a mom, I longed for the creative life I used to have-and talking to an actual adult. I was still painting, but at a greatly reduced pace. I decided to learn how to sew. It was something I had always wanted to learn, but never did. I could also do it while my son was with me, which was a big plus!

After my second child, I decided to kick the sewing into overdrive. I made blanket upon blanket. My daughter had an entire closet filled with dresses I had designed and made. Our bib collection was busting at the seams. My husband started to worry about my overflowing fabric stash and the multiplying creations at our home. It was at this point that Kunklebaby came to be. If both my family & friends were enjoying my creations, so could others.

Kunklebaby has allowed me to remain sane, and be the best mother I can. I get to stay home with my beautiful family, contribute financially, and create. Etsy is also a great community where I have met wonderful artists and crafters. I love getting to chat with people who share my desire to create. People I would never have had the chance to meet in life-all walks off life and spread across the country. I feel I have a new network of friends for support and help-wonderfully creative people. I have met more mothers on Etsy than in my daily life. It's great to realize others are going through the same daily struggles-naptime, potty training, activities.

I no longer feel the isolation and resentment that started creeping into my life. I was resenting my new home bound, very structured, uncreative days. I am now able to encompass everything I find important. It's wonderful!! I'm looking forward to painting again. The kids are now old enough where I can paint with them, but with the arrival of baby #3, this goal may be put off for a bit longer. Keeping the goal is what is important to me. I am an artist and will always be. It took some time to get my current life accustomed to the fact, but now I'm so HAPPY!


littlecraftwonders said...

Motherhood is awesome I agree I have 2 children and love every moment of it.


I cant wait to be a mommy as well, long way away for me :(, but I love your blog settings and colors!

Cherry Blossoms said...

I love your cute blog Jess and I love, love, love what you wrote here about being a mother and etsy helping you to remain sane! I totally agree! Come visit my blog and enter for a chance to win a free clip for your daughter!

Little Lovables said...

Can I say ditto here ?!?

Sewing-Chick said...

Sorry to have commandeered your comments, but I worry about that lonely feeling too. We have an almost-one-year-old, and it's our plan for my husband to find a job so that I can quit mine (or possibly get laid off). Glad to hear a success story :)