Mr. Men

Did anyone else have the Mr. Men-Little Miss books growing up? They were some of my favorite books. [ohh, Mr. fussy!] A few years back, they came back into my life as a new cartoon show. The older kids loved it! I would sit and watch with them while nursing Little {L}. It was a fun bridge between my childhood & theirs. They show only lasted a few months, but they still talk & laugh about it. I came across this flannel fabric a few weeks ago, and knew they needed it! I was even able to include Baby Unicorn with the leftover pieces from Mr. {D}'s. We have a few of the books that were mine as a child, Little {L} loves reading them, while wearing his new pj shorts.



Sunday. It's 11am, I'm still in bed snuggling my little nursling. Warm cheek against my breast. Outside the door, a steady sound of controlled chaos creeps in, as the three older children play with their father. I don't want to wake up. I don't want this end. I don't want Monday to ever come. I've been up since 7am, these thoughts repeating in my head, as an endless cycle. One more hour. One more day. I miss my little girl [my only daughter] too much while she's off at school. Her little giggles do not echo through the house. Instead all I hear are the war cries of the boys. Boys and girls really are so very different! Monday means another day dropping her off. My heart cries, NO...stay, but instead I smile. It never reaches my eyes.

I lay here in bed holding my baby close. Baby number four. So many things I know now that I didn't with number one. so very many. Never grow old baby boy! Never age. Stay here in my arms like some mythological god, or peter pan-my babe. You smile and I know it's only time. Time whispers into my ears...school, college, independence, your own family someday. It's only a matter of time until I am no longer nuzzling your chubby feet. Instead I will be chasing your strong legs, as you learn to run. Running from me as I chase after you. Toddlerhood and on, and on. It's only a matter of time. A sadness washes over me as I realize this is the way it's supposed to be. I am lucky to know you, hold you, have you as mine, even if just for a little while.

I breathe a sigh, this idea doesn't bring me the comfort I seek. A sigh. A sigh for the things I cannot change. A sigh for my children, and mostly for me. Accept that Monday will come no matter how long I sit here in my make-shift nest. The one thing you cannot ignore is time. It comes whether celebrated or ignored. With one last kiss and a smile. We arise to see the rest of the family.

My heart still crying for tomorrow...


New Beginnings

These little feet have traveled far, over the past few years, but they have never traveled this far from Mama before.

With the start of school, I'm sending my only daughter off each day. She was so excited to be there-and not a tear, nor tinge of anxiety ever crossed her eyes. She disappeared into a sea of children without even a glance back to see the tears in her mothers eyes.

It's exciting & sad whirlwind all mixed up into one big emotion, I've never felt before. That's the thing about being a mother. As soon as you think you have something figured out or got it all together-you don't. I have been so used to having all my children at home with me-their entire lives. all four. Some of you may run screaming at the very idea, but I LOVED it! It's a new beginning with the family branching out into different directions, together, but physically apart at times.

The other day the kids and I were baking. While looking in the oven on our almost baked, cookies, Mr. {D} said: "Time sure does go fast sometimes, Mom". It sure does son, so much faster than you even know!

My little caterpillar is growing into a butterfly. Just don't fly too far, too quick, baby girl.



New Pants

Baby {J} , is one big boy! I have a few baby sewing books that I've been eyeing since my pregnancy. I convinced myself to wait until we knew whether we had a son or daughter to start "really" sewing for him or her.

Well, at 3 months old, [yes, he turned 3 months over the weekend-time is flying] he is already in size 12-month clothes. [yikes!] Many of the baby patterns in books only go up to a size 12, or 18 month size. [blah-for people whose babies come out around the 9-10lb range!] I figured I better get going if I wanted to use a few of the patterns. These are the first pants I made specifically for {J}-many, many to follow. He has a matching dog shirt that didn't make it into these pictures. These pants are made from a pattern in the Amy Butler book, Little Stitches. I'm going to try and make one of the fun hats in the book, while his head is small enough to fit.

The new Anna Marie Horner book, is great because the sizes for babes, goes to 24m. I'm looking forward to making the little jacket in the book, and a few pairs of the quick Change trousers. I made a pair already [yes-super easy!], but they are still too large and will be winter pants.

May the next 3 months, be just as wonderful as the first 3 with you baby!



I am currently reading Buddhism for Mothers of Schoolchildren. I'm a huge fan of her other book, Buddhism for Mothers. It changed the way I thought about my new life as a mom & parenting. It helped me see the big picture rather than the small, day to day grievances. I come back to that book over & over again for inspiration and knowledge as my family grows.

I've been feeling so much anxiety & fear about sending the kids off to school, and I stumbled upon this on Amazon the other day. I'm hoping it will ease some of the fears and strengthen my knowledge that the kids are strong independent, little people. They need to go out into the world to blossom into the great people they will someday become.

I feel a lot more comfortable after meeting the teacher and seeing the environment that Miss {M} will be spending her days in. I'm hoping the book will help take care of the leftover "Mommy sadness": realizing that the little baby you were just holding is already going to start school. The first big transition into building their own life, separate from you. Exciting & sad all mixed in one. Where in the world did the past 5 years go?

Over the Weekend

Over the weekend, Miss {M} went to her very first sleepover! What's more fun than a plain, old sleepover? Mama, with little nursling, Baby {J} tagging along. We stayed at my college roommate's [and long-lost friend] home. The little girls watched movies, ate pizza & cookies and giggled. The mom's watched movies, ate pizza & cookies, reminisced about college while giggling. A great mix of old & new friends-fun times for all.


Baby Wearing

The two older kids were worn all the time when they were younger. Miss {M} pretty much never left my arms for 2 years-seriously. I was completely expecting to do the same with Little {L}-he had other plans. As a wee-one he liked to be held, and snuggled, but was also just as happy hanging out in a swing or bouncer. We co-sleep at night [and I was nursing], so I got in a lot of snuggle time during the late, or early hours-however you see it. Little {L} didn't sleep through the night until he was almost 11 months old, so many, many nights of feeding and snuggling at night.

The daytime was so very different. This boy crawled, walked, jumped, and climbed, EXTRA early. He couldn't be bothers to sit and be held during the day unless he was eating. He just couldn't be bothered to be in one place. {L} wanted to chase his big brother, and dance with his sister-he was on a mission. These times were for exploring & getting into mischief-no restraint, no stillness. Needless to say, he spent very little time in a sling. Once he could roll or wiggle, he wanted to be free.

When Baby Unicorn arrived, I was going to take full advantage of wearing him. I now knew there was a chance it may only last a little while. I wear him while at the store, walks, grocery shopping, hanging out at the house...pretty much as much as I can. This baby LOVES to be held. Place him in the Moby wrap and he's won't make a peep. He just looks around and takes in this strange new world. Little {L} found the come back of sling & carriers to be so strange at first. He laughed when I placed the baby in, laughed 5 minutes later when he looked at me, and then the next day & the day after that. It was just the other day he asked to wear his baby. I was a proud mama. I sure love that strong, independent little boy!


Indoor picnic

We had big plans for a fun picnic day earlier this week. Rain clouds and mud decided that our plans were best for another day. A few sad faced children, and we were all prepared for an indoor picnic! Corn on the cobb, apple mash, colorful peppers and some noodles=perfect & fun.

You won't stop us rain! If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Enjoy the day!


Summer's End

Summer is coming to an end for the first time...well in years, for me. This is the first year any of the kids will be in school-ever. Miss {M} will be attending a traditional school in less than 2 weeks! Homeschooling the older kids last year allowed the summer to just slowly fade into fall, and then onto winter in a smooth, seamless transition. We watched nature take us through the seasons and a growth of a new baby! I had no thoughts of, this is the last time for anything! Now all I can think is this is the last time of the summer at the park, the last time in the pool, chasing bugs freely through the yard, impromptu ice cream for breakfast mornings, or just hanging out watching movies on the couch with mama for a day. Let's face it, school changes things.

I'm excited that she is gaining independence and a greater sense of her self, but also really sad that she is gaining that independence, and more of herself, is less time with mama! I love homeschooling, but she asked if she could just "try" going to a school and we are going with it. She is hoping to make some friends--girls only she says, we have enough boys in the house already. Right now, Mr. {D} will probably be homeschooling again next year. He is on the waiting list at her school, so we'll see how that plays out in the next few days.

Sending the kids off to school is such a big milestone! It feels not only like the end of the summer, but the end of a time of my life. A time where I had them all to myself! Every smile, giggle, frown or tantrum was a part of our relationship and days together. I'm now sending off my babies to spend more of their day without me than with. Let me tell you, it's ridiculously hard!! So much harder than I ever expected it to be! The time of "all mine! is drawing to an end.

While I understand the significance of their growth and the necessity to be on their own "some" day, I can't help, but think that it seems to have come so soon. I used to roll my eyes at the "it goes by so fast comment". That was when I was knee-deep in diaper changing, sleepless nights and never ending repetition of the early days and adapting to becoming a mother. I look back now with a greater wisdom in my eyes [and a few tears] and say, "Yes! it really does-all too soon!" I'll be hugging the little boys, a bit tighter for a few days while I adjust to the change.



Kunklebaby will be at Craftin Outlaws for our 4th year this October! YAY! I know I have months to get ready, but... things have been going a little slower here since the baby joined us. I am actually trying to be prepared for something over time [-gasp-], rather than spending an entire week before an event without sleeping. The end result is the same, lots of kunklebaby goodness, but I'm hoping this is a little less stressful, path.

If your keeping tally, of the 4 years I have done Craftin Outlaws, I've been nursing for two[counting this year] and pregnant for the other two--yeah I'm that girl. Every time you see me, I'm either carrying a new baby or telling you about the new one I'm working on growing [and I love it!].
Looks like this is another year, hubby will have to shuttle the kids back & forth all day from the show so I can feed Baby Unicorn. If we get lucky, he may take a bottle or two, but O'm not holding my breathe on that one. Little {L} was a strict breastfeeder only, as in he would rather starve than have to even think of drink from a bottle [insert dramatic, baby -gasp- here].

This would be a handy time to have family or friends in town to babysit the bigger kids. Anyone in the family want to raise their hands and come to Columbus for a visit. Anyone... anyone...? Bueller?
Anyone want to just come to the show and keep me company? Do I hear the kids Pet Cricket chirping?-lol.


Nature Walk

We spent the day on a nature walk with friends! It was really nice to get some fresh air and sunshine. Although I can't say a day at the park with six kids is actually "relaxing", it was super fun! While we only spotted a few birds and spiders, the kids were on the lookout for wolves & deer. [and Little {L} was desperate to avoid any snakes]. A quick trip around the playground and a little picnic capped off the afternoon.

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob-grrrr! haha just kidding!

This cool tree reminded me of a giant octopus coming to the sea surface to snatch up ships.

New friends-best friends!


They caught a big cricket to "play" with. [which included coloring his antenna in white chalk, hmmm?]

And Little {L} caught a big brother!

[did I ever mention on badly crickets creep me out. I can't stand to be around them. Silly, but true. This has been a Kunklebaby special report-lol]


Flashback Friday

Remember these? I was so excited when I finished this outfit for Little {L}! [Miss {M} had a dress in coordinating fabrics too-pure love]. They were some of my favorite outfits! I love the texture & use of color in Eric Carle's books. In my own artwork, I work often with many intricate textures and I love bright, vibrant color!
So fast forward [yes, you get a flashback and a flash forward this week-no your not watching Lost] to this week, and new little baby is getting to wear them. Let me tell you, Baby {J} is HUGE! He is 2 months old and wearing a size 12months! He's long and a bit round and we find him just perfect! When {L} wore these, he was standing and on the verge of independent walking. Baby {J} can't hold a toy or roll over and they are already on him. It's fun to look back and see how different, but also the same each of my kids have been.

Flashback Friday Button


Rainy Afternoon

Bag of fabric scraps + glue + paper + scissors= fun & creativity

I like to keep a bag of scraps for the kids. These pieces are too small to sew anything with [yeah I'm a super scrap saver, so I know], and would otherwise go in the garbage. Every few weeks when they have played with every they own, read every book twice and are so bored they can't even think of anything else to do, we break out the scrap bag. They kids can cut & college to their hearts content. Sometimes they make letters, or a landscape, sometimes they use the patterns on the fabric to make a scene, a few times they have made a picture and colored all over it with marker [yep, Little {L}].

It's a fun way to do something unique every time. This can be done with paper too. Instead of recycling your old magazines, cut the pages out and let the kids have them first. The cutting and gluing helps with hand eye coordination, and the design inspires their imaginations!



It was a purple day here at the Kunklebaby household. This didn't happen on purpose, we started out with smoothies-yum. They usually turn out pink, but today we made them with fresh organic blackberries, raspberries, and a smidgen of banana & strawberry. They were super tasty & healthy too. I love making smoothies, they feed our large family quickly and without scrimping on nutrition.
We received these "blue" potato''s from our CSA bag [loving it!] last week, and they became lunch today. Turns out they are the prettiest violet color. They darken a bit into a deep purple-ish blue after they are cooked. I debated making eggplant for dinner to make an official full day of purple-licious goodness, but I think we are going for super quick & super easy tonight-and that doesn't come in purple [unless we decide on skittles...hmmm after the week I've had, just maybe!]


Some new capes

Little {L} asked for his own cape the other day. He was watching his big brother run around with his. About 20 minutes later, he had his very own. He picked this fun circus fabric because it had zebra's, his current favorite. I love caps for little kids! It allows them to be villains, hero's, a fairy princess-whatever they can image!
The kids decided to play villains, with Little {L} growing and chasing the other kids through the house. Lots of fun & laughter!