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In the Sea

For school last week, the kids learned about some small sea creatures. We took a field trip to the pet store to look at fish and the HUGE aquarium at the Columbus Zoo, read lots of books and colored, painted, sketched, and glued. The kids made these paper aquariums housing the animals we learned about. It was really fun to study and the kids were able to chose which creatures they wanted to learn more about. The only mama pick was the seahorses. Honestly how can anyone not love them? Mr. {D} chose the Sea Anemone as the first to study.

We made a trip to Ikea the other day, and among other things [many other things], {D} got a new duvet cover for his bed. I had picked it out at our last trip, thinking it would be perfect for him & the boys room. He approved and said he like it because..."it looks like millions of tiny sea anemone".


For Baby

I finally did some sewing for the baby last week. I finished a cute little kimono from the pattern in Weekend Sewing, and a little sweater shirt inspired by that pattern. I love how they turned out. The little bird fabric is organic fabric from Cloud9-ahhh, pure love! I've been saving this fabric for the perfect baby gift to our upcoming addition. It will be perfect whether the baby comes out a boy or girl. I'm taking this one to the hospital with me.

The pink and green bunny shirt is wishful thinking. I'm hoping for a baby girl this time, but if she is actually a he, I'm sure this will make a lovely baby gift in the near future. This is the first time I've been pregnant, and no one else I know is! No friends, or family. What's up guys? :D

The pattern in the book is really easy to follow, and can be sewn up in a flash. Making the bias tape is the longest step. I try to keep a bunch here, so if you have a nice "stock", these are incredibly fast. What I don't like about the pattern is the kimono ties on the inside, as well as the outside. Not super comfy for a new babe. I am going to make a few more, but alter the pattern to use a snap for the inside closure.


This morning

The kids woke up to a surprise this morning.Sitting on the couch waiting for them, was three new baby doll blankets. The kids have been playing with the dolls a ton lately. It makes me excited because it's been helping {L} get used to "baby things". Playing gently, holding babies, all that goodness. He's by nature, not the gentlest child. He's been the "baby" for almost 2 years now, so I think it's going to be a little bit of a transition for him!

The funny thing about these dolls is they are always clothes free. All the other stuffed animals and dolls in the home are routinely changed in gowns and costumes, but these 3 dolls-never! If I put anything on them, I'll find them shortly back to basics-lol. Little {L} actually took offense to his doll being covered up and quickly yanked that blanket right off!

Also on a side note: After 2 weeks, {L} is completely potty trained during the day [at home]. We've been snowed in and have not ventured out of the house lately, so I'm sure "outings" will be a different story. He still wears a diaper to bed, but undies all day! I'm keeping my fingers crossed to have him as close to completely potty trained as possible, before the baby arrives. [he'll be turning 2 years old, a month prior]. Lots of praise and potty songs have been sung this week for him! He's a proud boy, and I'm a happy, proud mama!! YAY!


Mermaid Pillow #2

Here's the sister to the mermaid pillow I posted recently. Blue has been my favorite color for years, but I've also been into orange lately. I used some more Heather Ross fabric here...yes, they really are my favorites I love these pillows! The pillow inserts are from old pillows we had purchased for the couch. They covers were never comfy, with scratchy material and stitching, but the new pillows are awesome. Now they are soft and comfy inside & out!



We are getting snowed in again here in Ohio. Lots of snow falling since yesterday afternoon. All the city schools are closed for a snow day, so we are too. My husband thinks it's silly that we have snow days when the kids are homeschooled, but snow days are fun for everyone!! A little break from the expected!

With the total lack of color going on outside, I needed a color fix inside! I made these new curtains and a rug for our kitchen last Friday. I love how they brighten up the space and make me feel more cheerful and warm!

The curtains are made with a sunny, Heather Ross print. I've been saving this one for over a year and finally cut into it. Heather Ross announced on her blog she will be doing a new line of some of her retired fabric prints with Spoonflower! I CAN'T wait!

-Please ignore my sink full of dihes and messy counters!!-


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Happy Valentine's Day!

I finally finished the kids embroidered dolls- on Saturday night at 11pm! Just in time. The front pieces were embroidered over the past few weeks. Once complete they are backed with a coordinating fabric and then stuffed like a pillow. Add a few stitches to seal them up and your done!

We also made little mailboxes for the kids from pretty scrapbook paper to hold our handmade cards. [yes, my husband actually helped!] It was fun making something with him, and the kids were thrilled to play with them all day on Sunday...well inbetween eating cupcakes, brownies and candy! I think they ate more "goodies" in one day than they have their whole lives! It was a nice special thing for them.

It was really fun, and the kids love their dolls. A great gift idea if you plan ahead and have the time. I'm glad I started these when I did, or they would not have been finished. Lots of time, but lots of smiles from the kids when they got them too! So worth it!

My sister got me the cool girls pattern as an early [2months early!] birthday gift. Thanks little sister!! You can get your own -here-
The little cowboy and batboy pattern can be found on Badbird's blog.

Fun little paper mailboxes made from this easy & quick tutorial! Also a placemat for Daddy-couldn't share that one earlier cause he peeks here from time to time!



Yesterday afternoon, I decided I needed another "gift" idea for Valentine's Day. Typically as a family we aren't really into the "holiday". This year, I really want to make it special for the kids. They have been so understanding and helpful lately, to a pregnant mama too tired to do very much! We don't travel out the house often these days and I am physically unable to do some of the fun stuff they are used to.
They never complain about it and actually have shown me so much compassion it's breaking my heart! I want them to have a fabulous day where they understand just how much we love them!

I am suddenly super into using up my scraps. I am a HUGE scrap hoarder!! I save every little bit of everything. These place mats were made using up some of my saved treasures. I really love that they encompass many of my favorite prints that are long used up!

I wanted each one to be unique, as each of my children have their very own special personalities. The pink is for Miss {M}, who no matter how much I try loves pink more than any other color! She is the epitome of girlie! The blue is for Mr{D}. He likes blue and is a fan of several of the fabrics used in his. Little {L} gets the orange place mat. The little blond boy with the cat reminds me of him...except in real life, he's be pulling her tail.

-Back view-


Working on

All the sudden I feel like this baby will be here before I know it. Rationally I know I have a few months, but emotionally I feel like I am in a huge hurry to be ready!

I have so many projects I want to complete before his or her arrival! I spent last night making new burp clothes. I had a large box of flannel remnants that have been sitting around for about a year. I hate getting rid of anything, so they sat, and sat. Sitting in bed at 9pm last night I decided they had to be made into something-immediately!

They were quick and easy to do! The sizes vary as they were scrap pieces, but are mostly uniform burper size. I like mine a little on the thin side so they can be used for drips under a nursing babe's mouth--and -ahem- the extra sprays you get while breastfeeding!

I made a mix of girl and boy prints, although I am sure we will use all of them regardless of the gender the baby comes out with. They are for spit up and milk, does it really matter? It feels good to complete something! I feel like so many things get 1/2 done lately that it's driving me insane. Maybe I just need to "plan" less projects? Although everyone here knows that will never happen.

I'll be finishing up the kids Valentine's Day dolls tonight. They are turning out so awesome! It's been hard for me not to show the kids already. I can't wait to see their faces on Sunday morning!

Winter Wonderland

Another snow storm swept through central Ohio last night. Everything is covered in beautiful, fresh, bright white snow. It sure beats the dreary, grayness that was here!

I love looking out the window and seeing all the prettiness-especially cause I don't "have" to leave the house today. We'll be snuggling up doing some knitting & drawing from the warmth of our home!


Over the Weekend

Friday afternoon a winter snow storm blew into town. We usually don't see too much snow here [well, I grew up in Cleveland, so that's what I use for comparison]. The kids love to play in the snow and be silly together. They even got to make a snowman with Daddy! Fun!!

The snow actually makes it less gloomy & bleak here. I look out the window and see a nice, bright wintery day!



There's been lots of snuggling in our house lately! Lots of cuddle time wrapped up in blankets on the couch. I'm officially tired of winter, and I think the kids are also! While I am feeling a little stir-crazy, I've totally been enjoying the time, keeping my kids close and warm. Sometimes it's nice to have things slow down a little and just enjoy our time together. Even the kitties have been snuggling up sleeping for extended hours...well longer than their "normal" extended sleeping.

We've also been busy crafting handmade Valentine's for everyone in the family. The bigger kids have had a great time doing this and they are getting to practice their writing skills too. Each Valentine has a special message and drawing.