{ Lil Bunny Announcements }

My little sister is expecting her first baby. So, I've once again starting looking at newborn stuff. I came across these adorable lil Bunny birth announcements in Earmarks shop.

Based in San Diego and run my a husband and wife team. You can also find cards, journals and fun paper goodies in this shop. The shop feature a great simplicity in design, but add a fun, quirky element in humor. Find them here: http://earmark.etsy.com/


{ Teeth Already! }

At two months old, "L" has two teeth. I can't believe it! We noticed the first one at 7 weeks. Poor little thing is cranky and in pain. He's usually such a calm, mellow baby-it's sad to see him hurting.
He has a third tooth just under his gums ready to join the other two any minute now. Since he is so young, he can't even self soothe himself. He's just old enough now to chew his hands, when he can get them in his mouth.

In the spirit of teething, here's some fun Etsy teeth stuff...

Snarf Monster from MintConspiracy.
My son looks like this at 4am when his little mouth is hurting. If your looking for unique little creatures, or oddities check out this fun shop! Be careful though,little monsters do not like being chewed on!

Teeth Cards
Check out Two Sarahs for some interesting, graphic art pieces. Run by, you guessed it, two sarah's it's a wonderful shop based in Portland. Interesting note: Many of their pieces are mounted on red wooden blocks.

Happy Tooth Charm
Wish my baby could be as smiley as these charms from Komodokat-an Etsy artisan from Texas. Check out the shop for a great selection of creative charms and accessories.

Meant for babe:
This great wooden, teether from Stumppondtoy. Coated with a non-toxic finish, perfect for all the green babies out there. Check out the shop for wonderful wooden toys too! No paint, stains, or breakable plastics found in any of the items.


{ Baby Love }

I love watching my three children interact with each other. "L" is so in love with his older sister and brother! He just giggles and smiles away at them. "M" is a little mama herself. As soon as the baby starts to cry she comforts him and yells "Mama, the baby is hungry. HURRY!" It's so sweet. No matter how soon it's been after a feeding, she is sure he is starving. He smiled at her one day and melted her heart. Ever since, she is devoted to him.

"D" spends his time entertaining "L". He sing, dances and tells stories. He likes to sing the Wheels on the Bus, but add in members of our family and the funny things we say. When it's time for the baby, he says "Burp, burp, burp."

"D" is also suddenly interested in Venom, from Spiderman. He walks around the house chanting "We are Venom". So far this summer it's gone from a Vampire, to David Bowie, now to Venom. His characters are always evolving. For the past month he has been reciting, David Bowie's lines from The Labyrinth-with great accuracy for someone his age. He wants to grow up and BE David Bowie now. He took a photo to his last haircut so he could have "David Bowie hair".

I snapped these shots the other day while trying to get a photo showing how my bibs can go from newborn size through toddler+. The baby was less than thrilled, but the other two thought it was fabulous fun.


One little fish

1 little, 2 little, 3 little fishies.
I received this adorable outfit, and a matching bib on Saturday. I couldn't wait to get it on L! This was a gift from the Etsy Baby Shower. Shops sign up and donate handmade gifts to the mama's to be. It's really fun. I have donated to other mom's in the past showers, but this was the first time I was on the receiving side.
Darcy from Chew Chews Closet made this beautiful creation for us. It's sewn perfectly and the fabric is adorable. I just love it!! She has an entire shop filled with wonderful childrens clothing and accesories. My favorite are her sets(this fish one being my absolute fav). The pirate tee and short sets for both boys and girls, are extra fun too.
Many thanks to Darcy! Please check out her wonderful shop:


Sleepy, Sleepy Boy

Third time's the charm, must be true! The baby is sleeping 5-6 hours at night at only 6 weeks-yay! He wakes up about 4 am for a feeding and then goes right back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. I can't believe I am actually feeling rested so soon.
The other day I laid the baby down to nap and my eldest son came to tell me he gave the baby his doll. As soon as I took a peek, I ran for the camera. What a sweet sight! My other two children picked out the doll while I was still pregnant and the baby was "Eggy"-gender unknown. It was a great way for them to bond with their new sibling before he arrived. They felt a part of the pregnancy and in return closer to the baby, at birth.
I LOVE this doll! I cannot wiat until Lucian makes it one of his cherished lovey's. It's from Cara at Green Bean Boutique on Etsy. It's so well made and promotes natural toys and learning. Something I think is important. She's super sweet to work with and just talk to. If you want your own Waldorf doll, or are in the market for cloth diapers check out her shop:
http://greenbeanboutique.etsy.com or check out her blog which is located under my blog links section. I think she may be currently on break growing her new bean, but check back. She has a wonderful shop and is a delightful person.