[ Spring is Here! ]

YAY! Spring has arrived. I am so excited to be able to get out of the house and get some fresh air! This was a LONG winter! This will be the baby's first Easter and first Spring that he is involved with his surrounding.
We had a lovely day at the the duck pond when the weather was gorgeous a few day ago. {L} was so interested in the ducks. I realized he has never seen one before! Every time they swam over to us, he would GROWL at them! Yes....yet another of my kids is a growler. It's hilarious. When {M} was a little baby, we were standing in line at Target. The woman in front of us, leaned backward and whispered..."Is your baby....growling?" Yes, yes she was! Haha

I feel inspired and have working on some cool new stuff for the family and shop. Look for a great new set of Spring Skirts in some great bright and festive colors. I have some great bunny shirts and the skirt to the right in the shop currently. These are great for fun Easter outfits-that don't need put away after the holiday. I am also working on more pieces that use handprinted fabrics.

Lots of goodies to come in the next few months.


{ Featured Artist: Katie m. Berggren}

I came across one of Katie Berggren's pieces while looking through some Etsy favorites. [yes, I LOVE browsing what other people favorite!]

I was immediately drawn in by the bold use of texture, color and the feeling of movement in her work. I looked through every page in her shop!

With each piece, the artist gives incite to the meaning, inspiration, or story behind the work. I was really drawn in by the information in each listing. The feeling of intimacy and love really shines in her work. As a mother, I was quickly drawn in by the warmth and caring that the work exudes.

The shop offers both prints and originals at an extremely affordable price! Any of her pieces would make wonderful Mother's Day gifts for either your mother, or the mother of your children.