{ Winter is on it's way }

We are working hard at the Kunkebaby household! The kids are so excited about Christmas, and the colder weather. The bigger kids wake up each morning and run to the window in search of snow...sadly they are disappointed most days, if only we lived back in Cleveland.

We have plans to put up the Christmas tree tomorrow. My only concern is little {L}. He is a tiny terror when it comes to get into things he shouldn't. He's the fastest baby ever. I thought we would be fine this year with the tree. A few months ago, I figured he would not really bother it, or have much of an interest. He would not be too mobile, until next year, so that was the worrisome year. I was SO wrong! I think I may have to pull the kid out of it a few times in the upcoming month. He's so intrigued with life and cannot get enough knowledge in a day. It's actually really awesome...just a bit draining.

{L} HATES hats! He is the most easy going, happy child-unless you try to put a hat on him. The older kids were always happy to wear them and we had quite a fun collection they could choose from. I started finding and saving hats for this winter in the summer. I was so excited for the cooler weather so I could try out the cute, new selection of handmade hats I had acquired. Turns out, he has a tiny head and some of the hats will not fit him until next winter (boo). Besides that small setback , he rips them off and screams whenever we put one near his head.

So in honor of my love of hats and little {L}'s hatred, I offer this post :)

{ Coming Soon! }

Pssssttttt......The Kunklebaby Organic Collection is currently in the works. I am very excited to start offering organic choices. The fabric is so soft and luxurious. For my loyal blog followers, a little extra tidbit of information: the organic collection will feature my own handprinted designs. So each piece is a one of a kind creation. I am working hard to unveil several pieces at the same time.

I have been dreaming of incorporating my artwork into Kunklebaby and the Organic Collection is the first step. In 2009, I am hoping to offer some printed work also. My first love was painting. I miss the days of creating late into the evening...and sometimes morning. With my growing family, time to paint has become smaller and smaller. I have so many pieces in my head, just needing to be created and shared with the world.

With a few home renovations we have in the works, I will be getting an actual studio space-just for me!! I'm hoping this allows me to work a bit more in my favorite medium. I hope to be decorating nurseries from textile to the walls.


{ Tiny Canary was a Success }

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the Tiny Canary show last weekend. We had a great time! Met some cool crafters and artists, chatted with tons of awesome customers and sold some stuff in between.
We had a new display for the nursing pads and it was a hit. So many people asked about them. Our fun, turkey boob pads even have a new home...they were the hit of the weekend! I had many requests for the labels that read "boob pads" vs the boring "nursing pad set. I think I see a change in the future. Everything we had labelled with "boob pads" sold out at our last two shows.
It was a great show that I hope we can do next year! A special thanks to my mother in law who came into town just to help me out on Saturday.


{ Etsybaby Holiday Sale }

Kunklebaby is included in this sale!
FREE shipping with purchase of any 3 bibs. Plus listings showing the Etsybaby Holiday graphic will receive a FREE gift with purchase.

To redeem:
Please add "Etsybaby Holiday" in notes to seller. Shipping will be refunded through paypal before your order ships.

Additional special to my great blog readers:
Add "EB Blog Sale" in notes to seller and receive Free Christmas gift tags with ANY purchase.

Start your Christmas shopping now!

{ Etsy Columbus Team Giveaway }

Some of my friends are participating in a giveaway. Yay-free stuff! Check it out:
Etsy Team Columbus is excited to announce our first Virtual Giveaway! In preparation for the holiday season we have decided to giveaway $10 gift certificates from each of the following Street Team members shops!
Please check the team blog for the list of shops.


{ Featured Seller: Caramel Jubilee }

-Tell us about your shop:
I have a quaint little caramel shop on etsy called Caramel Jubilee. As you probably guessed--I sell caramels. I currently have five flavors: vanilla, chocolate, pomegranate, black licorice, and pumpkin pie. I'm commited to creating delicious, high-quality caramels. The recipes are all my own creations and they've been very well-recieved here in the etsy community. The caramels are cooked and wrapped entirely by hand.
-How did you get started?
I've been cooking since I was very young, but only recently started making candy. Last spring I was browsing online for a new challenging recipes (I love a good challenge in the kitchen!) and came across a caramel one that seemed to fit the bill. Although I don't use that recipe for my shop, it was the beginning of a wonderful discovery which eventually lead me to opening my own candy store on etsy.

-Where does your shop name come from?
I've been successfully selling on etsy under the name earcmra, but then recently decided I needed a more memorable name. I thought about it for several weeks, and then one day just thought up Caramel Jubilee. It describes my wish that these caramels will be celebrated and bring friends closer together as they enjoy them.

-Advice for other artist?
Do something you love and do it well. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I hope others can pick up on that when they meet me. I always like talking with people who are passionate about their work, whatever it may be.
-Favorite or best selling product?
My best selling product is the pomegranate caramels. I really enjoy them too because the pomegranate juice gives them a bit of tart tang which is delightful and a bit unexpected.

If you want some yummy treats visit-Caramel Jubilee's Shop