three more days.

Three more days of school left this year. Most likely three, hectic days left. Shuffling children to and from, trying to motivate those kids to get ready for the last few days- please guys you can muster the strength to wake up & get ready for school three more times? I know you can! Three days until I no longer have a second and first grader, but kids headed for 2nd & 3rd grades. However did they grow so fast?

I will share with some some captured moments from the last week. Little moments tucked away with just me and my amazing four year old. Moments enjoyed before I have a houseful again all day long and the baby's nap time needs shared with his two older siblings. I'm really looking forward to summer this year, but I have also savored all the special times I have gotten to share with my youngest boys lately. One on one with Baby {J} while {L} is at preschool a few hours a week-jogging, playing, laughing. Peaceful afternoons in the yard playing and tired snuggles while Baby {J} is sleeping.

The countdown to Summer has begun.... 3... 2.... 1.


strawberry fields

I was reminded today of the need for rest. The need for play, adventure and fun. We spent the beginning of the day lounging around a messy house. The kids were cranky, Mom & Dad were cranky. It wasn't turning out to be a rather joyful or relaxing day. Mounds of laundry and dishes awaited us. I did what every Mom does at that point, and headed to the computer to read some blogs. {everyone does this right? haha}

A rather impromptu decision after reading Honeyruns Farm's post this afternoon, sent us out to the strawberry field & out for flowers. {Yes, hum the Beatles song in your head... now} Best decision of the day! After quickly loading some grumpy, arguing kids into the car, the family mood instantly lightened. That's the crazy thing about adventures with no rules or preconceived idea's about what's going to happen. I find, with no rules, we are never disappointing. Happiness is easy to achieve. After lots of mapquest and a few thanks for gps, we arrived. At the strawberry field, the children were delighted to find a toad, play with two giant, sweet as can be Great Danes, pick 9lbs of strawberries, and chug some lemonade after enduring the heat of the day. We ended with a quick stop for flowers, at the pick your own flower garden. The couple who owned the garden rode by on bikes, with friendly smiles & waves. It was delightful to see such a cute couple.

Riding home I was reminded of the reason I wanted a family to begin with. This was it, these were the moments I envisioned years ago. The laughter, car full of singing children, arm full of flowers and smiling Mama. I am living my dream, and feeling so blessed.

Berries are from Wright's Pickaway Farm. Flowers: Blossom on the Bend.


Weekending, and a little mud.

 I had plans of getting the last bit of the garden planted Saturday while the baby slept. {yes, the not really a "baby" anymore, but I can't stop calling "the baby", baby} It seems the kids had other plans. While I was finishing up the raised beds, the children played in the sprinkler-so I thought. What they were really doing was creating the mother of all mud pits. It's funny how kids can do things you don't even realize while they are 10 feet away. It started with a few mud pies, I heard that happening. Next the kids were a little messy. Next glance they were COVERED in mud. What does every mother do at that point? Grabs the camera!!

So much for my idea of planting. Even in the 90 degree heat, the mud never dried that day {or came close}. Was it worth putting off the planned gardening? OH YES! They were so silly, giggling and having such a great time. A little mud and laughter, never hurt anyone! If it meant I never get that plot planted, it would have been worth it. I'm off to finish planting, and maybe break out some spray paint today.

Happy Memorial Day everyone. I'm so looking forward to this summer!



Oh Baby {J}, whenever I think of you the first thing that crosses my mind is pure love. You are THE sweetest boy. I am so madly in love with you. I'm enjoying the magic of watching you grow, explore and learn. You are an amazing, compassionate, smart boy for being so little still. You always seek to make others feel happy, whether with a hug or kiss, kind word or slap pat on the back, when you think we are choking {which is often}.

I love how your voice is so ridiculously deep for such a tiny guy. You give the best kisses, holding our faces so we are totally aware of you. As if we could not be. That mischievous spark that crosses your eye every once in a awhile, letting us know that you see EVERYTHING your siblings do... and you are going do it too. Right now my heart breaks when you miss your brothers and sister while they are away at school.  I know I have said it a million times, but I love, love, love your curls. They slay me-- seriously! Thank you for being so wonderfully fun and kind hearted. Thank you for squealing in delight when you see me, even if I've only been gone for five minutes or ran out to the car to grab something.

Thank you for being you-- it's perfect!


two and four.

Over the weekend, we celebrated the little guys in our house... or shall I say the not so little one's. Two and four now, not quite "really" big kids just yet, but definitively no longer babies! I couldn't be prouder of them both, but honestly, it was with a heavy heart as I watched my baby go from from one to two. Both in age and maturity. How can you suddenly be learning color and to count already? How did theses years pass so quickly? I want to hold onto every last bit of baby days. Every bit of baby fat and little chubby feet. Every goodnight story and eighteen kisses before they are ready for bed, moments.

I know far to well, this slippery slope. One to two today, tomorrow I will be pondering how he turned seven, eight, nine.... The days pass slowly sometimes, but the years in a flash. If I could just freeze them here for a little while longer, enjoying every little giggle and new delight in the world around them. Happy Birthday Boys! You are MY sunshine! I hope you both had a wonderful celebration.


A few more

A few more from our park trip yesterday. Ever notice how much better you can feel with just a little fresh air? It turns grumpy, sleepy babies into giggling, jumping bursts of happiness. It works on grumpy Mama's too. How quickly piles of laundry and to-do lists get forgotten when the rays of sun hit your face. The sound of my children's laughter as they dance through the bright blades of grass.
bliss. motherhood. happiness.


Mama's Day

As Mother's Day approached I had several things from childhood on my mind. Lately I've been reminded of how different my opinions have evolved over time, and the growth of my family. Nothing reoccurs more often lately, than the thought, "ooohhhh this is why my Mom was always annoyed about.... ". As a child I used to wonder what the big damn deal was with the laundry. Why was my mother always whining about it? I mean, seriously? You put clothes in a machine and then take them out-clean. The days of washboards and tubs is over! Now that I have my own brood of children to clean up after, I completely get it, Mom!

I never, ever got it until I was standing here in her shoes. Even as a young adult, I carried with me the idea that it was no big deal. Yeah, no big deal when all you are doing is your very own [minimal, one person] washing. Add 5 people to the mix and it's no so minimal anymore. With six people, the ratio of clean to dirty, folded to thrown in a basket & shoved in a room, isn't always in the favor I'd prefer.

Why can't kids seem to wear one outfit a day, or pick up THEIR dirty socks from the floor? Why can't they see it sucks to wash and FOLD 8,000 loads a week? Because plain and simple, they are kids. They will never get it and I now get that. I won't stop trying to have them to help out, but it's just part of childhood. The lovely selfishness that comes with it. The freedom to be who you are in the moment, good or bad. That in itself is amazing!

One day when they have their own little one's tossing shirts worn for five minutes into the basket, or better yet, a handful of clean clothes, that are then covered with one muddy, wet or otherwise gross item, thus rending everything now dirty, they will think to themselves. "Omg, Mom was totally right!" It makes me smile knowing, someday they will understand me, if not now. They will understand why sometimes, parents just need five minutes of QUIET on a car trip. Why we need kids to have a bedtime. Why we can't always do exactly what they want, all time. To my own mother--Thanks for putting up with me, Mom! To my own children. I love each & every one of you dearly! Thank you for keeping me on my toes & filling my days with laughter, sunshine, snuggles, and well lots & lots of laundry.  Play on kids!

Happy Mother's Day to all the hardworking, Mama's out there!



Hip Hip Hooray, it's Wednesday! I'm looking forward to a relaxing end of the week here. It seems this time every year the hustle & bustle starts to get to me. I want to be out in the sunshine, playing with my kids, with no daily to-do list. Ummm... well, that never "actually" happens. I do have four kids and a husband after all. I would need a nanny, cook and housekeeper, gardener to make that a reality, and then I'd be far too bored. 

I do look forward to the simpler days ahead. The calmness and free rhythm that Summer brings. Having done both traditional public school and homeschool with the kids, I'm really starting to miss the homeschooling. I love, love, love their current school. Mostly I miss all the time together that homeschooling afforded us. Both methods have their good and bad qualities. No, there isn't a move back towards homeschool happening here, again. I'm looking forward to the freedom of summer. Long afternoons lying in the grass watching the clouds with the children, parks full of happy toddlers and their new puppies, tending the garden and watching the flowers grow and blossom. Sleeping in... please, just a couple times kids? 

I'm feeling a little ho-hum and lackadaisical theses days. Just drifting through, not much inspiration to sew, or create or clean. Just looking ahead with a countdown flashing brightly in my eyes. Only a few more weeks. I feel like I am the one in school again, watching the clock tick away slower & slower at the last hour of the day.  Freedom awaits us. Smile brightly.