Some Sewing

New dresses for Miss {M} & Mama. I love the cute print on her dress fabric. I picked this up about a year ago. Originally it was going to be a birthday dress...then Christmas....and now a summer dress. Sometimes, time just gets away from us! She loves it and I'm happy too. It's nice and twirly, which my little girl is a fan of.

I made a smocked dress for myself too. It's a little too big, so it's been hanging in my closet after only wearing it once. I need to take out some fabric and move the straps. I need thick straps on things right now to cover up nursing bra straps--hate those little snaps showing through.

I'm working on some fun upcycled & new t-shirts for the boys right now. Hopefully I can get them finished this weekend. Little {L} is waiting very patiently for his new skulls hoodie, t-shirt. I'll share those when they are complete!


Christopher And Tia said...

But how awesome is that though? That you can MAKE yourself and your kids, clothes?

I'm always in awe.

krissilugbill said...

what a beautiful dress! love it :) I wish i could sew...it would be so much fun to make dresses for my little babe...maybe one day i will learn? probably not...maybe I will just check out your shop instead. :)

Kim said...

what pattern did you use?

Kunklebaby said...

It's a Mod kids kyoko dress pattern. I altered it a bit. I lengthened the dress, sewed a solid skirt and omitted the belt.

The pattern has a belt that cinches the waist. Instead I added a few rows of elastic thread. My daughter didn't like the belt with the other dress I made her from this pattern. It's seuper quick & easy to put together.