All in a smile

The baby just this week, started smiling at us. It's so awesome to realize he see's me and is happy to see me. I remembered why babies laugh at their parents so much-we are willing to do "anything" to get them to smile. Most often we look and sound ridiculous. All the oooohs and ahhhh-smiley baby, and the kids are bound to think we are insane. I think they wait to smile, just to see what they can get us to do next.

As much as seeing the baby smile warms my heart, seeing the older kids smile is just as fulfilling. It's sucha great feeling to know they are happy and life is good for them. A simple thing like a push on the swings, or a butterfly are magic.

They bring a little magic back into my life everyday. They remind me about what's actually important vs. perceived.

How I love my babies-all 3!


Day to Day!

Yesterday was the longest day EVER! It started at 5am when the baby started crying...it ended at 11pm with the baby crying.

My husband had a late meeting, so it was the kids and me-solo. After dinner, when I finally started getting restless, my son suggested we take some pictures. The boys are wearing matching shirts I made for them.

The end result was some super cute shots and a lot of fun. It really brightened the evening and made the rest of the night with a cranky newborn, much easier.

Sometimes all you need to do is ask a toddler for advice, they know how to have fun-lol.


Sleepless Nights

I've never been a person who does well on little sleep. As a child, I would stay in bed until the very last minute and rush around to get to school on time. I love sleeping. That said, it's suprising how much I like watching my babies, either asleep or wide eyes, in the middle of the night. It's such a special moment-like time stands still. There are no ringing phones, siblings bickering, chores to tend to, no worries about the sleep I am missing.
The only thing that seems to exist is me and my special bundle of joy. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the alone time, with my first two. How quickly they have grown into independ little toddlers and beyond. I can still look at them and remember their own special, little, twinkling newborn eyes in the middle of the night.