Places I've Lived

My Very First Place
After moving out of the dorm, I moved into an apartment with my husband [then boyfriend] and my friend Mary. I spent the first night in the apartment alone. After all the boxes were moved and the truck unloaded, my husband had to go to Cleveland. Mary was in Texas, visiting her family.

I was scared being in the new place, and overwhelmed with all the boxes and stacks of furniture. I decided to make the bed and call it a night. The sheets were on and the pillows fluffed. I was getting ready to call the dog into bed to snuggle with me. Across the room I saw her move and there touching her nose [nose to nose] was A MOUSE!!! Bowie was all calm, checking him out as if to say "Hello, neighbor!", and then I started screaming. In an instant she was up ready to defend me....except she could not figure out the danger. She ran in a quick circle, finally just frozen in front of me. The mouse ran away, scared of the noise, and I spent the next hour crying on the phone to my then, 9 year old brother.

A few days later, the little mouse met my cat....and that was that!

The Sniblet Family from Yoborobo

Places I've lived...

Great painting from Fauve Bohemian

I have moved around quite a bit in my life. I've been thinking about the different places lately and thought I'd share.
I grew up in a large, old, green house on the West side of Cleveland. We moved to the house when I was in first grade. It was the first house that my parents owned, and we were so excited! It was large and drafty in the morning and downright cold in the winter. My sister and I used to fight about who got to stand in front of the metal heather gratein our dining room, each morning. You had to be careful though, it got so hot that it would burn your legs if you touched it.
I consider this to be my childhood house. We moved out when I was in 8th grade and I was devastated. I missed my friends, my room and the comfort of the large, strange old house that had become my home.


Time Spent

This is what I have been working on! Brooch after Brooch. They are so fun to make, use up small pieces of fabric I cannot bear to get rid of and have tons of uses:
They can be pinned onto hairband and used to add some color to your daily do. Added to a plain bag to spice it up. Fun accent to a scarf, jacket or shirt. Add one to a belt for a fresh look. I like to use them when wrapping gifts-It makes the package look pretty and it's functional too.

Since each piece is hand cut, no two are exactly alike. Most don't even look similar to any others. I love the texture and colors. Feeling extroverted, add a colorful, loud pin. Shy quite day? A nice neutral pin made from organic, undyed cottons and upcycled buttons will do the trick.

Theses will make their official debut at the Eco-Chic Craftacular. Come early[first 50 people] and you might just score a free one in the cool swag bags. I will be adding whatever I have left after the show to my Etsy shop starting May 18th. So, if your not local-they can travel to your home town also.

Tons of zipper pouches too. I have become somewhat obsessed with cutting the fabric squares and have a HUGE pile waiting for nap time to be sewn. Look for all the typical, fun, bright prints that I love. There will also be some quieter handprinted. organic versions. I can't decide if I love loud color, or calm serenity more.

Hope to see you at the show!!


Bath Time

We had beautiful summer weather here over the weekend. Saturday was spent gardening, giving [D] a much needed haircut, cleaning the yard and dog baths!!

Those smelly dogs sure needed a good cleaning. Bowie, our black dog is a furry, knotted mess by the time spring hits each year. She loves gets scrubbed and fluffy clean. She got a quick brushing, but needs some more!The kids said she looked like a sheep when she was done.

Our other dog is not such a fan or cleanliness...or water. She would be happy to stink for the rest of her life if it meant she didn't have to get wet. She's the dog we have to push out the door to go to the bathroom, when it's raining. She will sulk under the covered porch and refuse until the rain stops.

All the fun we had with the dogs was bitter-sweet. We have come to terms with the fact that our old friend, Bowie is going to have to be put to sleep. Tears well up at the thought every time. She has been my friend through college, good times and some bad, years before and after the kids joined us. She was always there when I needed a snuggle and would give her life to protect me. She has her fair share of annoying quirks, but now in the final days even those seem endearing. I can hardly look at her without wanting to cry lately.

She was my "baby", before I had children. Giving her what may be her last bath, I was reminded of her puppy days when she was[needed] bathed all the time. She would shake and run all through the house trying to dry her fur on anything fabric she could get a hold of. We would watch her and laugh & laugh. She was always happier all clean and sparkly-silly thing. We've made the call to the vet twice now, and just can't seem to commit. I never thought it would end like this-it's heartbreaking!

I never had a pet pass away as a child, so she will be the first. When we welcomed our pets into the family, I had never even thought of "the end". [We have 2 cats and 2 dogs] All the sudden I am realizing how much I have taken them for granted. They are a part of our family and it felt like they always would be. I am suddenly struck by the cruel reality of life. It's been extra hard explaining it to the older children. I don't believe in lying to them and have been talking with them to prepare. When I see the sadness in their eyes, it breaks my heart-twice. I will be missing Bowie and watching my children hurt. [M] thinks her soul with be reborn into a bird. That bird is going to be born at the Columbus Zoo, and she is sure she will know the bird as soon as she lays eyes on it. It is so sweet to me that my four year old can see such beauty in life & death. I'm not there, yet.


Happy Friday!

After a L-O-N-G week, I was struck this afternoon with the need to create something for me. I've been putting off so many projects that I want, and started feeling uninspired to do the others. I've had plans to make a few new throw pillows for awhile. The pillows our couch came with were SO hideous! They have been stored in the attic for 2 years now. I started thinking that they would make a perfect pillow form, for some washable, removable covers.

The last time I made pillows, I cut, sewed, stuffed and sealed them....cut to a week later and the kids had food, marker and god only knows all over them. I decided then, it was the last time I make pillows that cannot be washed-for a house with 3 kids under 5!!

These are paired with upcycled sheets for backing, making the total cost only a few dollars for each!!! They only take about 15 minutes to make also [a good thing because that's about the only time I can find lately]. Below is the back of the larger pillow. When I get a chance, I'll add a few button closures.

Here is one of my brooch's shown by the new pillow and my purse.



Today I am dreaming of finding the time to finish all my 1/2 completed projects.

Many are just in the cut fabric stage. There is a shirt and shorts set for the baby, new placemats for the bigger kids, pillows for the couch, the ever ambitious duvet for our queen bed, summer skirts for me, summer dresses for [M], some shorts for [D], along with his huge list of things he wants me to make or teach him to make, a flower girl dress, embroidered wedding gift......and then the 4,001 things I have to finish for the Eco-Chic show, in just a few short weeks.

All I need is 3.5 more hours a day, or the ability to not sleep-haha. I already stay up 1/2 the night as it is, I just need to do it with out breaking down by the weekend.

Meanwhile, [L] and I are working on weaning. He is NOT happy! His unhappiness is making me reconsider the need to wean right now. I have been introducing him to cow's milk, but after a year of mama milk, it is NOT cutting it for him. He takes a sip and looks at me, as if to say, "You have GOT to be kidding me, lady". So we'll see where it goes. Right now we are still nursing for naps and bedtime, but have cut out the shorter feedings that he had throughout the day.

For now, I am just going to push on with what we have been doing...and stock up on lots and lots of coffee! Off to the doctor today. [L] is getting his very first vaccinations today. Poor guy!

Enjoy your day!


Birthday Fun

Birthday Wishes from Family

A little cake...ok, a lot!!

YAY Presents!

Fun, wooden helicopter from Imagination Kids

Fabric Ball from Mama

Our dog taking a nap with [L]'s new ball. I made this using fabric scraps, from a pattern in the Seams to Me, book. It was really fun picking out the fabrics with the older kids.
Happy First Birthday Baby!


New skirts

Colorful, new skirts for Spring/Summer 2009. I am working on a bunch of fun prints for the Eco-Chic show, coming up in May. I've expanded my sizing to include smaller sizes. So if you have a wee one, and have been waiting for them to grow into my sizes, the wait is over...or less, depending on how wee your baby actually is. I have 18m-7 years currently.

If you have a little boy, don't fret. I'm working on some shorts and pants. Look for some handprinted styles, on organic cottons.

I love these blue prints from: SOIRE'E by Lila Tueller


I am feeling especially thankful today. Here's a few things that always make me smile.

  • Warm Spring days.
  • Children's artwork.
  • The way my baby smells when he wakes from a nap.
  • Sunshine.
  • Oldies music.
  • Baby feet.
  • Fresh, crisp ironed fabric.
  • Doll houses.
  • Naps.
  • Great thrifting finds.
  • Really bad B-Movies.
  • Watching my kids try to make the world a better place!
  • Old photographs.
  • Being pregnant.
  • Creating-painting, sewing...

I woke up yesterday to find [D]sitting on my bed. I blinked twice, seeing a yogurt in his hand[big no-no], and asked, "Are you eating on my bed?" His reply, "No, it's just your imagination, go back to sleep". Little punk-love it!


Reflections of a Year

This week marks the one year point in [L]'s life. I can't believe how much our lives have changed in the past year! I feel like a completly diffferent person. The time is passing so quickly, I am afraid I am missing things each day. [D] is starting school next year, which is insane. It feels like I was just pregnant with him. How did he manage to grow so fast. [M] is so interested in learning and [L] is changing tons each day!
The past few months I have really tried to focus on "now". What is happening each day and each hour. I used to spend way to much time thinking about the future and how I would have changed the past that I was missing out on the present-the most importatnt time!

In the past year I have realized:
I am stronger than I ever though - I am sometimes less patient - I miss my family - Everyday holds magic - Watching my children smile, is pure happiness - I have almost everything I ever wanted in life- I am an overachiever - I have an unrealistic expectation that my kids have the perfect life- There is nothing more important in this world than the relationship I have with my kids and husband - I love watching to see what color [L] & [M]'s eye will be on any given day - [D] needs me - I need to find more time for myself - I am not, and cannot be perfect - events matter more than things - sometimes I am lonely - my daughter wants to be just like me - my son wants to do everything I do - I am devoted to [L] - Life happens whether we are active in it or not.

Happy birthday [L]!! Thank you for adding your silliness and charm to our family. Everyday gets more fun watching you grow into the great man you will one day become. You are spirited, strong, silly, charming, tough, and ever so sweet.


Pure Bliss!

We spent Easter Day flying kites and having a picnic at the park. It was such a nice, sunny day! [L] was beyond thrilled to be able to run around, free to go in any direction he pleased. The bigger kids were busy with Dad trying to get the kites up. We ended the day with two kite casualties, but all in all it was a fun time.

lots of laughter, love, and happiness


Evil Easter bunny

So, it turns out [L] isn't such a big fan of the Easter Bunny...at all!! Poor thing, at least he enjoyed the goodies on Easter morning-lol


Getting ready for Eco-Chic

Kunklebaby will be at the Eco-Chic Craftacular May 16-17th at the Rec Center located next to the library and Park of Roses in Clintonville.

I have been going crazy trying to prepare for a show, plan a birthday party for the baby, make his presents, make a bridesmaid dress for my daughter and get ready for the Eco-Chic Show. While stressful, I am looking forward to all of them!

I am really excited about the event! The Columbus Etsy Team is hosting it and I've made lots of great friends since joining the group! Plus anything eco-friendly makes me happy!

I've been working on expanding my line to include some more items for the "adults". I have a whole bunch of fabric brooches-pins ready to make their debut at the show. They are really fun to make and allow me not to throw away ANY small fabric pieces! I'm a huge fan of texture and these have tons!

A few will be up for grags in the swag bags that they are giving away to the first customers to the show each day-so get their early and you might just get one for FREE!

I'll also have an assortment of zipper pouches in fun prints using both new and upcycled fabrics. These are in addition to my regular selection of goodies! Enjoy!


Easter is on it's way! I can't wait until the tree's start turning green and small whispers of blossoms appear. Since he have not quite reached that point here in Ohio, these colorful eggs will fill the void until they appear. I had so much fun making these!

Since the baby is far too young for candy, he will be getting these in his basket and hidden through the house. Once I started making them I just could not stop. They use up lots of tiny scraps that were too small to make much with.

I'm in love with the idea that they will be a new part of our Spring decorations for years to come. When the kids get older they can say remember when we had pants in this fabric, or this came from my old, worn hat.

Waiting to be decorated in bright, spring colors! I love the thinking about what a material "could" become. I spend a lot of time ironing fabric just imaginging what diffrent things that exact piece could become. It's part of the magic for me. I find inspiration in the process. It's both relaxing and creative for me. My husband on the other hand...just thinks I am ironing fabric for far too long.