Zoo Lights

We visited the Columbus Zoo for our annual zoo lights trip over the weekend. The trip had a rough start this year! Our van has been running poorly for weeks, but we decided to take a chance and drive to the zoo [about 25 minutes away]. Everything seemed to be going fine until we got about 10 minutes from the zoo. The traffic was so bad that it took up over an hour to make it to the parking lot from this point. It was inch by inch driving, {L} was screaming and the bigger kids whining away! Then the van started running SUPER bad and I was sure it was going to break down right in the middle of traffic causing a riot among the cars trapped behind us. In my head I pictured people yelling at us with anything, but Christmas spirit.

Luckily, that scene only played out in my head and we arrived, a little frazzled, but there! The kids had the greatest time. The zoo had several brand new displays this year and it was like being a kid again for me. {L} was so excited to be able to walk around like a big boy with us[not buckled into the stroller] that he didn't even try to run away once-a first for him!

All three children decorated cookies with Mrs. Claus, the highlight of the trip. The cookies were actually pretty gross tasking, but the kids said they were DELICIOUS! Lots of sprinkles and globs of frosting always equals tasty to kids!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope your day was filled with good food, family and happiness!



Lately I have been really prepared for things. It's funny because it's come after a several months long spell, of unprepared chaos in the house! It feels nice to seem to have things under control again. I spent the morning preparing for our Thanksgiving.

This will be the first year that my husband is joining us in an ALL Vegetarian feast. While me and the children are vegetarians, my husband is not. Usually we have family coming in to visit, so we make the typical American Thanksgiving food-turkey. With no one else to eat it, he has decided to skip it this year. I was really excited and wanted to prepare a few new dishes to help make it "easier" for him.

While we have some of the normal Thanksgiving staples, we also have several foods that we always make [carrot pudding], this year we are added a stew served with couscous, mashed turnips [which the kids actually love!], berry soup and a bananas cinnamon cake to the menu. Mmmmmm, yummy!

Our fridge packed full of healthy goodness!

I decided to make 3x the stew and turnips we would eat. I froze the rest for quick, healthy and easy meals throughout the next few months. I love making big batches of food and just reheating it later! It really adds almost no time to the cooking, just a few extra minutes to cut up the veggies and spices.

I was so lucky to have 3 little helpers today. The kids are really excited about helping prepare the food this year. I have been making them carrot pudding for Thanksgiving since they were born, this year they started asking if we were going to have it-weeks ago! It felt really great that it has become a "family tradition" food for the holiday.


Counting Down the Days...

We spent Friday night at the annual Christmas tree lighting at a local outdoor mall. They have a great stage show, elves, Santa arrives, even fireworks! The kids have so much fun each year!

We race around after the tree is lit and try to get pictures with the costumed characters-Rudolph, The Snowman, Polar Bear and Nutcracker.

While the bigger kids love getting their pictures with every character possible, Little {L} was anything but pleased! He was so afraid of ALL of them, that he covered his eyes in hopes they would disappear. If he couldn't see them, then they couldn't see him! Poor little boy! He is never scared of anything, it was surprising to see, and truthfully pretty cute! I had to snap at least one picture of his hiding spot behind tiny fists!

I am so thrilled about Christmas this year! It's brought a magic back into the house. The kids are excited, mama's excited...making for a happy home. I have so many plans of handmade gifts this year. The kids will be getting new dolls, some clothes, personalized quilts and some doll clothes for their most loved "babies". Mama better get to work! :D



I've been thinking about all the thinks I am thankful for lately. With the holiday's fast approaching, it's always a time I spend doing some personal reflection. It's interesting how much the "thing" I appreciate have changed over the years! There are many things that I thank the heavens for that never would have occurred to me pre-kids days. Here's a few things I am currently appreciating:
  • Shiny, red, little girl shoes! Little Miss {M} has always had really wide feet and it's always a LONG trial finding shoes that fit each season. This fall she had her heart set on shiny, red fancy shoes. I cringed when I heard what she was looking for, not because I didn't want her to have them, but at the the sheer chance of finding some that fit her-in a normal price range. The first store we walked into, the shoes called to her. They fit, and at a $4 price, I couldn't believe it! She wakes up each morning and puts them on her feet smiling. For a few days she had some blisters, instead of not wearing them, she wore them on the wrong feet, so they would not sub. -sigh- How sweet are little girls?
  • Naptime! Ohh naptime, how I cherish you with our spirited third child. You save my sanity several times a week!
  • Our furry family members. They always manage to cheer me up with their silliness and never ending love. They are a special part of the family

  • A warm and happy home to raise my children in! While it may not be the biggest, newest or fanciest, the amount of love found here makes it the best!
  • Children who think for themselves and question everything! Great little minds are growing stronger each and everyday!

What are you thankful for lately?


Over the Weekend!

I had THE greatest time over the weekend at the Tiny Canary Show 2009. I sold lots of stuff, met some awesome new people and got to catch up with old friends.

The show was really successful this year! Tons of shoppers and a really happy, friendly crowd. A few items were really a hit this year. I completely sold out of sweater balls and got close to sell out with my hand printed, organic bibs. My regular bibs found their way into many new homes also!

It was fun chatting with lots of new mommies! There were many pregnant women, or friends of at the event, with great stories to share. Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table!


Tiny Canary this weekend!

Just a quick reminder for anyone local, Tiny Canary is this weekend! Get all your holiday gifts, handmade and all in one spot this weekend.

This weekend, November 14-15th @ Junctionview Studio's.
10-6pm each day.

I will be there both days, so stop by and say hello. I'll have all my usual finding, some fun new bib prints and lots of yummy, colorful quilts!

It's a great show that houses lots of talented artists! Plus, the organizers are passing out to the first 100 in attendance each day:
A FREE Tiny Canary tote bag stuffed with coupons and other goodies!


New Offer for the Holiday's

This Bundle features a set of 10 bibs at wholesale pricing!! All the great designer fabrics and quality you receive with every Kunklebaby order, but with a fantastic price break. You get 10 bibs for $65.00 [plus shipping].

Great for those holiday shoppers with a long list to fill. Split them up among friends or family, or keep them together. Makes fun & useful stocking stuffers for the little one's.

This set is also the perfect amount to gift to a new mother. Enough bibs to use and wash in rotation, because let's be honest, how many new Mom's have lots of time to keep up with the laundry? [I still don't-lol!]

The offer is available here in my shop, and will be offered through the holiday's-they are creeping up quick!


The Leaves have Fallen!

Leave season is in it's peak here. The tree in front of our home has officially shed it's leaves for the winter. Every inch of grass is now covered by leaves. We got super lucky here and had one more beautifully warm, glorious day!

Watching the kids play in the leaves reminded me of the wonder of the seasons. I remember how excited I was to see the leaves fall, so I could jump and swim through them! Now I normally think,uggg that's going to take forever to clean up. It's great to have little reminders of what fun things can still be! Greatness is all around us, if we just open our eye's and see it!


Thing 1 & Thing 2

Halloween was so fun this year! The older kids were excited all day waiting for trick-r-treat and Littlest Giant was just big enough to go around with his brother and sister. The first few houses, he was confused, but by about the fifth he was tumbling himself out of the wagon and racing to the door with his treat bucket in his hand. It got so heavy by the end of the night he could not list it. Instead of letting us help him, he opted for dragging it along!

Mr {D} and Little Miss {M} were adorable in their Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes! They have really gotten into Dr. Seuss the last few months and decided upon these costumes in August I believe. They were super easy to make also! I picked up red sweatshirts from the thrift store for $2 and added the circles myself. A quick sew and some textile ink and the shirts were done! We searched and searched for blue wigs this year and found none. Two days before trick-r-treat, Mr. {D} had a great idea to use these hats! Fabulous idea!