{ Spout }

I just love this little whale clip. The shade of blue goes so well with {m}' s complexion. The little thread spout is the perfect touch! Cute, cute cute!
{M} is forever brushing her hair out of her eyes. I'm always on the lookout for cute, original designs.

Want your own clip. Visit PammyDawn on Etsy.
Lots of other fun little creatures to be had-adorable & affordable.


{ Little Animals }

LOVE LOVE LOVE theses fun winter hats. {L} is the black sheep of the family(not really) and {M} is in a little piggie cap. I saw these last month, yes in the middle of summer, and had to have them! We are all stocked up for the winter now.
{M} has been wearing hers' since it arrived. She adores it. The only problem is it's been 90 degrees outside-lol. I keep trying to put in aside for the cold weather, but she keeps convincing me to keep it out. She likes to walk around with it pulled over her eyes saying "I can't see, I can't see".
{L} isn't sure how much he likes his yet. It's a little big, so that it will fit this winter. It slips over his eyes and he freaks out. {D} thinks it's hilarious!

I ordered these from a great shop on Etsy-LuLu's Woobies. I am thrilled with the quality and design! She offers a variety of knit designs including a bear, fox and panda. Great customer service too! I highly recommend checking out LuLu's. Get your own hat here:
The shop is running a sale for the rest of the month too.


{ ZadyBall }

I do a lot of shopping for the kids on Etsy. I love supporting handmade-and local if possible.

I came across these fun Zadyballs while searching in one of my groups. Zadyball creator, Alayna, is also in my Etsybaby group.

My original intention was to keep the larger, blue one and give my sister's baby the smaller white one, but "L" had a different idea. He loves the white one, which also houses a bell inside. So...we now own two Zadyballs and love them both-sorry little sister.

It's a wonderful toy without plastic and a million blinking lights and sounds. I am really trying to get back to basics with the toys we purchase now.

Simple, non-plastic, no flashing lights or swirling parts. I think kids should go back to using their imaginations and being creative. Many of the "toys" on the market "play" themselves while the children sit and watch them. No more!

I hope the trend goes in the other direction and people start thinking about the lead paint, plastic leeching and get back to some of the basics.

If you want your own special Zadyball, please visit: http://zadyball.etsy.com/. The owner is super friendly and has perfected this toy from her own design. Not only are they fun, but you can't beat the prices at $10-$15.


{Customer Appreciation Sale}

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{Craftin Outlaws 08}

Kunklebaby will be at the 2008 Craftin Oulaws show. Yay! We had a wonderful time last year and are really looking forward to the new, larger location. So. any locals, come out and show your support. That said, I better get outta here and start sewing my butt off.

August 16th
BOMA-Bar of Modern Art
First 10o visitors get FREE swag bags full of goodies
I am also putting together FREE Etsy sample bags. Stop by my booth and pick one up. They will include samples, coupons and cool, little goodies from artisans all over the country.


{ Best Daddy }

I just love this picture. The kids are so in love with their Dad-especially "M". We were just leaving the zoo after a long, hot day when I took this shot f the two of them. She' s such a sweet little girl and can't get enough hugs from her him. At the same time, she's super tough and love wrestling and playing with the boys.
He is truly a great father! He is always around for the kids to talk to. Every night he hurries home from work so he can spend as much time with us as possible before bedtime. He has pushed aside many of his hobbies and free time to help out. He is the most doting dad you'll ever meet. He takes the time to explain things at a child's level and never makes them feel like it's a trouble, or they are wasting his time.
Growing up, I had a wonderful father who was always supportive of me and my art. All I ever wanted was to give my children as great of a dad as I had growing up. We are truly lucky, because we have one.

{ El Diablito }

My own person little devil...well really he's angel, but he's still got time! Look at that smile.
I'm currently working on my new line of t-shirts. Little "L" is modeling my favorite one. I have a big, new batch of black and red shirts and bodysuits. I'm always annoyed when the only color choices are white or blue for little boys-or white and pink for girls. I love the black and it's not readily available in stores!
There will be a division of Loteria shirts as well as some vintage letter patches (from Autralia) and dancing princess'. The letter patch shirts are all one of a kind, as I only have one patch in each design. They are all really fun and I have to be careful or I'll keep them all.
We had a lovely week relaxing and visiting family for the 4th of July. Our week included the zoo, relaxing, swimming, relaxing, farmers market, relaxing-lol.
"L" sprouted a FEW more teeth, so he was a bit grumpy at times. "D" and "M" were amazed by the fireworks this year. "M" is a little scared of the loud noise, so she cuddled up tight with her daddy. The baby slepy through most of the fireworks, leading me to believe this child can sleep through anything!