{ Kunklebaby Organics }

I have been working on a new Organic Collection from Kunklebaby. It will include a line with all 100% organic cotton fabrics. They are super soft-the ultimate in luxury for baby. Eco friendly is a great bonus! Organic cotton is free of pesticides. Cotton crops has the highest use of pesticides! Yuck! The fabrics are also from mills found in the United States.
Many of the designs are handprinted using my own artwork and designs.

Check the shop throughout the week for newly added pieces to the collection. This sweet pea bib will be in the shop later this week. Pea's are handprinted using textile ink. Since they are handprinted, each piece will be one of a kind-none of the the bibs will be exact replica's. So not only are you helping the environment, but your child gets their own special, useful piece of art too!
I'll be adding more bibs, clothing for boys and girl, and some accessories!


{ Art }

What have we been up to lately?

February is right around the time, I've had enough of winter! The kids are bored, I am bored, the dogs don't want to go outside in the cold any longer....or worse, they come back in covered in mud.

To keep the children happy & entertained, we worked on some Valentines Day art the other day. I love how you can give 2 children the exact same supplies and paper and they will create completely unique pieces from those supplies.
{d} was covering his hearts in the paint to "hide" them. After this he did a cool splatter effect across the entire page.

Little Miss {m} was happy drawing faces on all her "girl" hearts. They were happy and decorated in bows.

{L} did not get to participate in the painting today. He was NOT thrilled about it. After a few crackers, he no longer wanted to sit in the high chair and opted for throwing all his toys across the room. {d} thought it was fun, so kept bringing him more toys to toss.