Bumbleberry Baking

Looking for some yummy treats? Look no further than Bumbleberry Baking. Delicious, rich goodies to satisfy any sweet tooth!

* Tell us about your shop:
Bumbleberry Baking Co. is an organic baked goods company which produces delicious muffins and cookies. We bake in small batches, using the finest organic ingredients and never including additives or preservatives. We always bake and ship same day so our customers can receive the freshest possible baked goods. We focus on the importance of baking something from scratch, and we like to say that our products are always made by hand, from the heart.

* How did you get started?
I started Bumbleberry after being a graphic designer for 3 years and wanting a change in my career path. It was important for me to still maintain my creativity, so I focused on what I loved to do and what experience I had learned working at a small business, and decided to pursue organic baking. After being a “buyer-only” on Etsy.com for an entire year, I was ready to become a seller and join the amazing and talented community of craftsmen and artisans and be a part of Etsyʼs edible section.

* Where does your shop name come from?
I first started brainstorming about adjectives that I thought this company should have, as well as how those terms should be shown in the logo, packaging, and overall brand. Basically, how would I appear in the marketplace. I thought the company should appear to be playful, lighthearted, fresh, warm and inviting. Then I started flipping through cookbooks, looking for descriptive words or baking terminology. I had a lot of the obvious, “sugar” and “sweet stuff”, but then came across the name of a mixed berry pie: Bumbleberry. I really loved the sound of it, the word itself is very whimsical. It definitely could represent the sweetness of a baking company, and encompassed all of the adjectives that I knew I wanted my brand to have, without being so literal.

* Advice for other artist?
Definitely the best piece of advice I can give is be true to yourself. Love what you do and have
confidence in it. It can be disheartening when there is so much youʼre up against to really succeed, but kept persevering because it will pay off. Focus on your product and learn how to make it different from the rest. Donʼt forget the little things, like a handwritten note included in your package. And always have great customer service!

* Favorite or best selling product?
My favorite product is the Oatmeal Pumpkin Muffins, they have such great texture and really stay moist from the pumpkin. I love them in the fall, when the air is turning crisp and the flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg really are satisfying. I also love the Chocolate Chunk Cookies, which are extremely rich. Itʼs a great cookie to share with someone special because theyʼre so decadent and are so large!

* Any additional info you find interesting or relevant :
A great book that I would recommend to any creative person that is interested in starting their own company or selling their own products is Craft, Inc: Turn Your Creative Hobby into a Business by Meg Mateo Ilasco. I found it much more interesting than other small business books I read because itʼs written by a designer so she was able to speak about very serious business topics in a refreshing way. Itʼs also a wealth of info, from the basics of applying for licenses, to creating your brand, to marketing yourself, to selling wholesale. It was very inspiring for me, besides being very informative.
For these goodies and more visit: http://bumbleberrybaking.etsy.com


Creating and Motherhood.

Kunklebaby has helped me continue to create and be a mother. Before having children I spent my busy days attending college, working and painting. Little time was spent at home and I was always on the trying to get to the next thing in time. I loved my job and I was enjoying college.

I always knew I wanted to be a mother. I wanted to stay home and raise my children myself. Daycare was not something I ever considered. I looked at the time when your kids are young as so short, I didn't want to miss a thing!

What I did not plan for was how isolating it was being a stay at home mama. With no family nearby, I found much of my time at home, alone-with the kids. While I loved being a mom, I longed for the creative life I used to have-and talking to an actual adult. I was still painting, but at a greatly reduced pace. I decided to learn how to sew. It was something I had always wanted to learn, but never did. I could also do it while my son was with me, which was a big plus!

After my second child, I decided to kick the sewing into overdrive. I made blanket upon blanket. My daughter had an entire closet filled with dresses I had designed and made. Our bib collection was busting at the seams. My husband started to worry about my overflowing fabric stash and the multiplying creations at our home. It was at this point that Kunklebaby came to be. If both my family & friends were enjoying my creations, so could others.

Kunklebaby has allowed me to remain sane, and be the best mother I can. I get to stay home with my beautiful family, contribute financially, and create. Etsy is also a great community where I have met wonderful artists and crafters. I love getting to chat with people who share my desire to create. People I would never have had the chance to meet in life-all walks off life and spread across the country. I feel I have a new network of friends for support and help-wonderfully creative people. I have met more mothers on Etsy than in my daily life. It's great to realize others are going through the same daily struggles-naptime, potty training, activities.

I no longer feel the isolation and resentment that started creeping into my life. I was resenting my new home bound, very structured, uncreative days. I am now able to encompass everything I find important. It's wonderful!! I'm looking forward to painting again. The kids are now old enough where I can paint with them, but with the arrival of baby #3, this goal may be put off for a bit longer. Keeping the goal is what is important to me. I am an artist and will always be. It took some time to get my current life accustomed to the fact, but now I'm so HAPPY!


New Addition!

Just added a new addition to the Kunklebaby Shop-Nursing pads. Save money and comfort by not buying disposables-which are often scratchy and expensive. Both useful and stylish at the same time for the hip mama's. Great for the environment too!

Made from four layer of 100% cotton.

-One layer of white flannel for softness next to the skin.

-Two layers of Birdseye cotton-great for absorbency without the bulk.

-Top layer of cotton(print).
Will be added more sets in the next few days. Come have a peek!


Kunklebaby Spring Line 2008

I'm currently working on my new spring line. It will include some old favorites and new additions. I'm working hard in hopes of getting as much done as possible before the baby arrives.
The line will feature plenty of bright colors and fun textures. I have some fun new prints that will make their debut.


Baby Kicks

There is no greater feeling than baby kicks. It's one the true joys of pregnancy.
You get to bond with this little creature growing inside of you. Once the kicks and tumbles start, a feeling of knowing your child begins to set in. You start noticing habits-baby doesn't like when you lay to a certain side or push on your belly a specific way.
It's so cool to experience a relationship with your baby before they arrive. I'm now getting to the almost violent kicks and prods, but I still love it. I love being able to tickle his or her toes before I've ever seen them.
My stomach now looks like an alien is hatching when the baby shifts around. My son thinks it's awesome, while it scares the crap out of my daughter. Her eyes get really large and she says " I don't want the baby to rip outta you belly, mama" It's so sweet!