Flashback Friday

This is right about the time every year that I start lusting for Fall. When it's 100 degree's and the sun is beating down on me, I think, fall is so so lovely! So for Flashback Friday this week, I'm thinking of fall. We take a trip each year to Reznik's pumpkin patch in southern Ohio. They have as many pumpkins as you can carry for a set price. Each year the kids try and get their Daddy to carry more than the year before. [Pretty soon his arms are going to break on a trip-haha]
This was Little {L}'s first year to the patch. He enjoyed chewing on pumpkin vines most of all [yeah, gross!]. We've been going since {D} & {M} were babies. It's on the the fall activities that I look forward to most of all. Just a fun day hanging out at the farm. They always have some bluegrass band playing, scarecrow making booth, lots of yummy goodies in their shop also.
So I'm ready for you, Fall! Bring it on.

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Christopher And Tia said...

I'm ready for fall too. I want pumpkins and warm colors and cooler temperatures and all of those things!!!

Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

YES!! I'm with you. I've already started planning costumes, and Sept 1 the pumpkins are coming out. Fall is my favorite. Great pictures. I can't wait to take my son back to the two pumpkin patches we visited last year!

*Christie* said...

I LOVE FALL! And I love your pictures. The one of the 3 kids is so precious. I can't wait for pumpkin time and cooler weather!!

Rj and Jessie said...

Fall is my favorite! These photos are so cute. :)