8 months

It's so hard to believe you've been here for 8 months already. The time has just passed like a flash. One moment you are brand new, first placed in my arms. In a blink you are crawling through the house looking for new adventures.

I am so so in love with you-those eyes, those dimples, the giggle smile. Your so sweet and easy going, a mother couldn't ask for an easier baby. It's been such a pleasure enjoying you as you are-not looking ahead to what you'll be. I'll have time to enjoy that when you are going through those stages and changes. My focus from the start has been to see you for who you are each and everyday and it's been a magical journey.


This Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Join in at Soulemama.



Some fun outtakes from our Kunklebaby photoshoot today. I've had a huge PILE of stuff sitting here for 2 months waiting to be photographed so I could add it to my shop. We had a few spare minutes today so I decided to try and get some shots... and add Baby {J} to the Kunklebaby model mix. {haha}. He's 8 months old today! Can you believe it? He's so cute I can't even stand it!
Seriously? How many pics are you going to take Mama??

Biggest Brother feeling left out.

Almost done when who should show up? Batman! Little {L} was all dressed in his Batman gear, even sporting the Batman scowl. {did you all know Batman never smiles? I do now}

You can check out what made the "cut" in the shop. I'll be adding some new bibs through the weekend. Lots of girlie one's too. Take a peek at the CUTE shots!


New friends

The kids have been busy with lots of new goodies from Christmas. My favorite thing to do is watch them draw & create little habitats for their new wooden animals. They change daily and range from forest to magical lands.


We're Back!

It's the little things in life that really matter! I've been away from the blog for a bit, re-centering and spending some time focusing on the family. It was a totally chaotic December and we needed a few weeks to regroup and get back into the rhythm of the family-no matter how wild!

Lots has been happening, the baby is crawling, has 2 teeth and saying da-da. The big kids are enjoying pretending to travel to the moon, riding a pirate ship and making up new unknown lands full of mystery. Mama is working on knitting a wool lap blanket for us... well mostly "me" to snuggle on these upcoming cold winter months. Dad is trying to kick a cold, and we all know how miserable the boys get when they are when sick... worse than the kids.

I'm looking forward to a lot in 2011. Another year watching my kids grow and change. Tons & tons of projects rolling around in my head. I just need a few quiet hours a week to actually get to them [or a baby who sleeps through the night--either please]. Two of our family friends will welcome new babies to their families-we all know how much I love babies! I hope 2011 brings us much happiness & time together.