{ Art }

What have we been up to lately?

February is right around the time, I've had enough of winter! The kids are bored, I am bored, the dogs don't want to go outside in the cold any longer....or worse, they come back in covered in mud.

To keep the children happy & entertained, we worked on some Valentines Day art the other day. I love how you can give 2 children the exact same supplies and paper and they will create completely unique pieces from those supplies.
{d} was covering his hearts in the paint to "hide" them. After this he did a cool splatter effect across the entire page.

Little Miss {m} was happy drawing faces on all her "girl" hearts. They were happy and decorated in bows.

{L} did not get to participate in the painting today. He was NOT thrilled about it. After a few crackers, he no longer wanted to sit in the high chair and opted for throwing all his toys across the room. {d} thought it was fun, so kept bringing him more toys to toss.

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