ladybug release

Over the weekend, we released 1,500 ladybugs into our gardens. Ladybugs eat aphids and save our veggies from the little invaders. When released at dusk, since they do not fly at night, they will remain on the plants, eating up the bad guys and laying eggs until morning. I looked around locally and could not find any sadly, so we resorted to ordering ours. I was a little worried about the shipping process, but they arrived happy & alive.

The kids LOVED it! Ok, I loved ot too! Even the littlest who is not a fan of any bugs so far! He was calling them to him, like you call a cat, Chuuu chuuuuu... here lalalaloo bug. It was awesome. Once the bag was open they were quick to try and make their escape. We needed them in three area's of the yard so we held the bag so it could be moved when needed. If you only had one area you could just lay the bag down and watch them crawl and fly out. The kids liked and were also creeped out at times, with the bugs crawling over their hands & wrists.

When the last ladybug has flown the coop, the kids moved on to building a grand, obstacle course. Complete with yard toys, random "not" kid things like the shovel, and some newspaper I had used earlier in the day to block spray paint. They savored every minute of being outside after their normal bedtimes. Running, giggling and enjoying the early eve. Littlest guy decided he was bored with older kids and set out to be naughty. See that mischievous little grin up there. I may be in trouble with this one. haha!

Summer has arrived for us!

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