Fair Days

We got to spend the day at The Ohio State Fair yesterday. For the record, I LOVE the fair! I love all the animals, people watching, junk food I eat once a year, the smiles & squeals that come from my children. This year was extra special because it's the first year Baby {J} has really been into it. He's finally old enough to know whats up. He's watched the older kids ride the rides, eat the food and visit the animals in the past, but this year he was able to take part. He was in love with the pigs and worked up the courage to pet a few horses-very tentatively. He rode his first ride and pony.

Ice cream, cotton candy, funnel cakes and lemonades were had by all. I think everyone went home with belly aches last night- the good kind though. The kind that comes from too much junk food, but you don't even care cause it was so good and so fun eating it. It was a good day!


Jayne Barnes said...

We were there yesterday too! Too bad we didn't run into you!

Jai said...

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