I've got a date with my studio this weekend! Lots of work to get finished and just as much that needs started. Although as far as "dates" go, I'll gladly take this one.

Between making gifts for {D} & {M}'s upcoming birthday's and getting ready for the show I have lined up [I'm not even going to get into Christmas gift making] I have my work cut out for me this fall.

Busy isn't a bad thing, with the right scheduling I'll be fine. The unfortunate thing right now is having a house full of sick kids, and a mama that woke up with a sore throat today. No fun at all! Truthfully, I'm looking forward to a little piece and time to myself this weekend. Just the whirr of the sewing machine...if I sew fast enough it will drown out the crying and yelling the kids do in the other room. "Why is Mama sewing again? When will she be done Daddy? MAMAAAAA!!!!!Followed with my husband asking me some silly question every ten minutes in hopes that I will just come out of the studio and resume my role as mother.

So lovely Fabric, it's date. I'll meet you in the studio bright & early for some sewing and cleaning. What are your weekend plans?


randi said...

My hubs is taking my boys backpacking this weekend so Aubry and I have a weekend alone. I am sure that some crafting time will happen, although I am feeling uninspired right now. I don't like having the time to make something, but lacking the idea of what to make!



Kunklebaby said...

I know that feeling too Randi!! I hate when that happens.

Jennadesigns said...

My weekend plans are much like yours - meet up with my fabric in the studio and get some projects done! I too woke with a sore throat, but I'm hoping to kick that and play with my fabric soon! I also have a house to clean and loads of laundry to do! :)

Here's to hoping we both tackle our to-do lists!