Some fun outtakes from our Kunklebaby photoshoot today. I've had a huge PILE of stuff sitting here for 2 months waiting to be photographed so I could add it to my shop. We had a few spare minutes today so I decided to try and get some shots... and add Baby {J} to the Kunklebaby model mix. {haha}. He's 8 months old today! Can you believe it? He's so cute I can't even stand it!
Seriously? How many pics are you going to take Mama??

Biggest Brother feeling left out.

Almost done when who should show up? Batman! Little {L} was all dressed in his Batman gear, even sporting the Batman scowl. {did you all know Batman never smiles? I do now}

You can check out what made the "cut" in the shop. I'll be adding some new bibs through the weekend. Lots of girlie one's too. Take a peek at the CUTE shots!

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