Baby Kicks

There is no greater feeling than baby kicks. It's one the true joys of pregnancy.
You get to bond with this little creature growing inside of you. Once the kicks and tumbles start, a feeling of knowing your child begins to set in. You start noticing habits-baby doesn't like when you lay to a certain side or push on your belly a specific way.
It's so cool to experience a relationship with your baby before they arrive. I'm now getting to the almost violent kicks and prods, but I still love it. I love being able to tickle his or her toes before I've ever seen them.
My stomach now looks like an alien is hatching when the baby shifts around. My son thinks it's awesome, while it scares the crap out of my daughter. Her eyes get really large and she says " I don't want the baby to rip outta you belly, mama" It's so sweet!

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Cara said...

Mmmm, babies! Ooo, I'm so excited for you! Can you tell where baby is nestled yet? Hannah had her bum lodged in my right ribcage for the longest time. I miss it lol


Oh, the nursing pads look great!