{Craftin Outlaws}

Craftin Outlaws was great this year! Tons of wonderful indie work and lots of friendly customers. I was so happy to be seated with my EtsyColumbus friends Miss Megan Mac, Maram and Jewels of Luxury.
The new location at Boma was great for the much needed extra space. Everyone was inside and there were clear walkways. I had never been to Boma and love the cool old stained glass windows there-fun!
We had shuttle {L} back and forth for feedings, but even that wasn't a big deal. He was happy to be at the show and people love playing with babies. He was the official Kunklebaby spokesperson for the day.
Everyone was really excited about the Etsy giveaway bags I put together. It took some extra time, but I think I will try to do them for the next show too. Hopefully it helps some new people find Etsy and the great sellers who sent in promo's and samples.

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