Moo Cards, Promo's and More

I have spend the last few weeks working like crazy(that's why there have been no new blog posts-sorry).
I have been putting together promo packs and sending them out to anyone who's willing to pass them along (thanks guys!). I think I have put together just under 400 in the past month.
My new business cards are here, yay, just in time for Craftin Outlaws. I LOVE my fresh, new logo & look! I've been working with a graphic designer friend on the new look of my brand. She did a wonderful job, and I'm thrilled at the results.
My mini-moo's arrived also. I so love moo cards. They are just too cute. I love the ability to get so many different images and the quality is awesome. Other artisans are always excited when you hand them a moo card.
I'm planning on branching out the Kunklebaby line to include my artwork. I think some Moo cards showing work from my portolio will be in order before the big launch.


Odannysgirl said...

I had to stop by and tell you, I got one of your promo packs from kittycrossbones. They look soooo nice! Great job on those :)

Kunklebaby said...

Thank you for the kind words Odannysgirl! :)

Kunklebaby said...
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Mee a Bee said...

I love your new logo. I was reading the etsy forums tonight. Your avatar caught my eye, led me to your shop and to your blog. It really stands out, so professional. You must be thrilled with it.