Fall is here...already. It seems like it happened by surprise this year. Usually I am so happy for it to arrive, I find myself waiting. I don't know if it because of the baby or what, but I feel like I missed summer this year. It went by in an all too quick blur.

Already the leaves are falling, we've had quite a few brick days and we have pumpkins on the porch. To celebrate the arrival of Autumn, the kids baked cupcakes with their grandmother. She brought over a huge goodie bag of candycorn, sprinkles, frosting, candles and peppermint flakes.

{D} & {M} went crazy decorating. I thought every tooth in my head might instantly fall out after taking the first bite of my specially decorated cupcake. They had so much fun and I just had to share a few of their creations...the dentist should expect a visit shortly.


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Megan said...

Looking at those cupcakes is making my mouth water...and my teeth ache. ;)