Before & After

I picked up this shabby little step stool/chair last summer at a garage sale for $1. I need a chair that sits higher up than a regular one, to use when I do shows for Kunklebaby. The chair was used a few times last summer and I just wasn't that thrilled with it's "looks". About a week ago, I was sitting in bed and all the sudden I decided I had to re-do the chair. [No, I don't have any upcoming shows, or sudden need for it's use. Just one of the random things I decide I suddenly need to make/do.] A little sandpaper, a can of spray paint and a few small bits of fabric and it was done! Quick & easy!

It now matches my "Kunklebaby Branding" colors, and will look fabulous with my display. The chair used to live in the garage, only seeing the light of day when we had an outdoor show to attend. Since the makeover, he's staying in the house! He has a permanent home in the kitchen since it's also a step stool. The kids love using it to reach the high cabinets and Mama loves how it looks!
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Meredith said...

I had to comment when I saw this on One Pretty Thing. As a little girl, I remember visiting my great grandparents in Utah every summer. And my most vivid earliest memories involve sitting on one of her TWO vintage step chairs. I have wondered if they are still around the house. I might get up the nerve to ask my Great Uncle who lives in their home since they have passed on if the chairs are still around. What a darling makeover. I want one so bad!

Anonymous said...

So Cute. I had one of these until a few months ago. My little boys destroyed it. Great Job re-dong it.