Yesterday afternoon, I decided I needed another "gift" idea for Valentine's Day. Typically as a family we aren't really into the "holiday". This year, I really want to make it special for the kids. They have been so understanding and helpful lately, to a pregnant mama too tired to do very much! We don't travel out the house often these days and I am physically unable to do some of the fun stuff they are used to.
They never complain about it and actually have shown me so much compassion it's breaking my heart! I want them to have a fabulous day where they understand just how much we love them!

I am suddenly super into using up my scraps. I am a HUGE scrap hoarder!! I save every little bit of everything. These place mats were made using up some of my saved treasures. I really love that they encompass many of my favorite prints that are long used up!

I wanted each one to be unique, as each of my children have their very own special personalities. The pink is for Miss {M}, who no matter how much I try loves pink more than any other color! She is the epitome of girlie! The blue is for Mr{D}. He likes blue and is a fan of several of the fabrics used in his. Little {L} gets the orange place mat. The little blond boy with the cat reminds me of him...except in real life, he's be pulling her tail.

-Back view-


Sarah said...

Cute! Did you sew them on to a piece of paper to get your rectangle shape or just start sewing the pieces together?

Kunklebaby said...

Thanks! I just started sewing small pieces together until I had the rough size I wanted[adding pieces and layers whereever they looked like they wantedto be].
When I was done, I squared up the fabric and then it was sewn to a layer of batting with decorative stitching. Last step was adding the backing and then topstitching.
After the first one, I made the others to match the first size.

The batting makes them nice and thick, so they won't wander across the table--and add a bit of absorbency.

Sarah said...

Great idea. I'll have to copy that one at some point and I'll post it (and link back to you) to share!

andrea creates said...


Ricki said...

These are beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration :)

rinks said...

lovely idea put together!!! will make with my scraps too