Mini Houses

Over the long weekend, I was able to get a bunch of stuff completed, and spend time with the family. I finally got the studio tidied up. Some furniture was moved around, some went to the garage and my favorite thrifted find came back in, a cool old table [I'll show you pictures later this week].

With the new table added to the studio, I now have a computer space and a sewing space separate from each other. I used to have to move the sewing stuff, while on the laptop and clear away all my papers and files when I wanted to sew. Sometimes it was just too much energy and I decided against sewing. Often I only had a few minutes anyways and didn't want to spend it shifting materials. It's so AWESOME to have a nice clear desk to sew whenever my work calls to me!

So, with all this new found space I had to work on a couple things! I've been making these mini houses for a few weeks now. Each one is stitched by hand, with lots of love. I've found that I can handsewn while schooling the kids, so when I finish one of these, I feel like I accomplished two things in the time of one-yay. As a mom of three young kids, this is rarely a feeling I have. I love the texture and little bits of other things sewn in. I hate throwing away fabric, even tiny bits, so these houses make me happy to see my little pieces made into something cool.

They can be hung on a wall [I recommend three in a row], used as an ornament or added to a shelf that needs a little fun. These few still needs their sides stitched up, but I wanted to show them off. I will have a small batch of them at the Independence Day show.

I have more "new goodies" to show off later this week. I've been working hard at a few new products and I'm really excited to show them off!


andrea creates said...

Oh my goodness- those are sooo cute!
I especially love the bunny with the little scalloped edges.
I love saving every little tiny scrap too

Kym said...

These are so cute....would also make great tree decorations!

Kunklebaby said...

Thank you! I love making these!

fede said...

super cute idea! i'm a big fan of using scraps - so many things you could add to these :) I can see the 3 on a wall idea too

JennyTheArtist said...

these are all so perfectly whimsical. I would love to be able to display them in my art studio, if only i had the cash to buy them... do you do any sort of swapping?

Chichiboulie said...

Oh I just love these! such perfect mixes of colours and patterns.