More Journals

The kids were really excited about my foot book journal when it arrived. Both of the older kids asked me to make them a new journal also.

Later that day, I noticed a LARGE amount of cereal being consumed by the kids. I mean A LOT. I finally told the kids to stop and eat some real food. Their response made me smile so big! They were eating up all the cereal, so they could use the boxes to make new journal covers.
{D} & {M} are really into recycling and repurposing items. I was a proud mama when I realized their intent. So, I let them finish up their cereal feast and we got to work.

They are super simple to make, but great fun. We cute out rectangles from the front and back of the box about a 1/2 inch larger than a sheet of paper [folded in half, but you could do a full sheet also]. Each book had 20 pages. We simply stapled the books along the spine, but they could be hole punched and ribbon tied, or sewn just as easily.

{D} had the amazon Lemur and drew pictures of The cat in the Hat and lots of Dr. Seuss references. It was a nice break from bloody vampires [haha]. {M} drew an entire book about a farmer Bill and the animals he cared for.

It was a fun way to pass a rainy afternoon. I love having such creative kids and being able to share their interests with them! Their talents grow each day, and I am amazed at the people they are becoming!


andrea creates said...

Oh what a cute idea!
Thanks for stopping by my blog- and for the business card info ;)
I've gotta get some decent ones made up soon~

cabin + cub said...

aww.. that is so cute! maybe you can get those mini boxes of cereal for them, so they only have to eat one bowl.. heehee they would make cute little books too! ;)

colleen_ellse said...

they are such good recyclers!! they all could teach us a thing or two about the three "R"s! :)