Dancing Dolls Quilt Finished

Some of you might remember when I was working on this quilt a few weeks back. I had finished sewing all the pieces together[using Momo Wonderland fabric] to make the front when I realized it needed....something. I left it in the studio for about 2 weeks unfinished, as I didn't know what to do to finish it. I really liked what I had so far, but I knew it wasn't complete. After setting it aside, I started working on t-shirts, and came across the last few blocks of this great Alexander Henry print with girls from different cultures and/or time periods. PERFECT!

I added 3 blocks to the quilt with different stitches. So happy with the final result! I can't wait until this little creation finds a special girl. It also looks really great hung on the wall as a 3 dimensional art piece.

My dancing dolls quilt is currently available in the Kunklebaby shop.

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