This week...

This week was filled with projects and activities! We spent a lot of time together as a family, which was awesome.

This week, we:
-Build new displays for the show. A new brooch display and a rack for boob pads. Thanks to my sweet husband for this. When I say we, it means he made them while I told him what to do.

-finally got to rent the third disc of True Blood. Ooohhh Sooki & Bill. I am so hooked on that show right now! [They are always out at the rental store, so this was a "score"]

-Made a new kunklebaby banner/sign. It will make it's debut this weekend.

Spent a day at the park and took a stroll through the woods. The kids were even lucky enough to see a "real, live Fairy" fluttering about that afternoon.

Sewed & packaged 25 pairs of boob pads for this weekend. Come and get them nursing mama's.

Grandpa Ron came to visit. W had a fun, relaxing day. We don't get to spent much time together and it was wonderful watching them all read together. At the end of the day, they all piled on his Harley for a few pictures.

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