Craftin Outlaws

Last weekend was the 5th annual Craftin Outlaws show, held here in Columbus, Ohio. It was my third year at the event and we had a lot of fun! The Lodge Bar housed the show this year. I got to meet some cool new artists and some great new and former customers. Thanks to everyone who came over to chat with me!
Tomorrow I'll show you the cool stuff we picked up at the show from other vendors! Yay goodies!

This blanket sold, which made me happy. I designed this pieces especially for this show. I hope it has an exciting life with a really special-and cool- family!


Feels like Fall!

It's been cold and rainy here all week! While I usually like a less damp Fall, it's been lovely. The tree's are all beautiful shades of red and gold. The kids are getting more and more excited about Halloween. Tomorrow night we break out the decorations. Our littlest guy was ill over the weekend, so we had to put off the decorating until he was started to feel better...and honestly when mama was a bit rested! Sick babies sure make for sleepy mama's!

I'm doing all my last minute preparing for Craftin Outlaws this weekend. If your anywhere close to Columbus, Ohio-come out and visit! The show will be at the Lodge Bar this year. I've got lots of new blankets, scarves and mini-houses to show. It's always a fun day! This weekend marks my wedding anniversary too. Maybe if we are lucky me and my husband can grab some carryout and snuggle up with a movie....wishful thinking, but possible. Ohhh, how things change after you've had kids-lol.


Accepted to Tiny Canary!!

YAY! I just found out I have been accepted to be a vendor at Tiny Canary for the second year. It's a great handmade, indie show that is housed at a local artists studio space. I have a fabulous time last year! Great crowd, great organizers and great talent.
Come visit me there the weekend of November 14-15th. Click on the tiny canary image in my side bar for directions and a list of vendors.

Now to get sewing!!


Pumpkin Patch

We spent Sunday afternoon at the pumpkin patch. My absolute favorite fall event. We head to Southern Ohio, to a cute little family farm. You pick your own pumpkins and then it's a flat rate for all you can carry. We got 8 this year!! My husband is really stepping up his game. Haha!

This year, the big kids loved running through the field in search the most perfect...green pumpkin. Every few years the kids want to get all green colored one's. While we got 2 out of 8 this year, the majority was still orange.

Mr. {D} found this cool one. The handles looked like a dragon face. He also found a few ladybugs. Little miss {M}, was happy to run around and play in the dirt and vines. The baby had just woken from a nap when we arrived. He was rather annoyed that we woke him up and spent the first part of the trip throwing pumpkins out of HIS wagon. Once he finally woke up, he had a blast running around and dancing to the bluegrass band.