Pumpkin Patch

We spent Sunday afternoon at the pumpkin patch. My absolute favorite fall event. We head to Southern Ohio, to a cute little family farm. You pick your own pumpkins and then it's a flat rate for all you can carry. We got 8 this year!! My husband is really stepping up his game. Haha!

This year, the big kids loved running through the field in search the most perfect...green pumpkin. Every few years the kids want to get all green colored one's. While we got 2 out of 8 this year, the majority was still orange.

Mr. {D} found this cool one. The handles looked like a dragon face. He also found a few ladybugs. Little miss {M}, was happy to run around and play in the dirt and vines. The baby had just woken from a nap when we arrived. He was rather annoyed that we woke him up and spent the first part of the trip throwing pumpkins out of HIS wagon. Once he finally woke up, he had a blast running around and dancing to the bluegrass band.


Brooke Meyenberg said...

Ya can't be fall! :) Too cute.
Just popped into your store. Love, love, love it. So many wonderful thing to look at. Off to heart ya. :)

Christopher And Tia said...

eeeeeee!!! I haven't been to a pumpkin patch since I was a little girl, maybe 5 years old? I want SO badly to go to one, but I don't know where any are. I'm going to research until my fingers fall off, and drive 2 hours if I have to, I'm totally taking my kids to a pumpkin patch this year.

Love your pictures. So cute!!!

Kunklebaby said...


Sewing-Chick said...

I love Renicks :) Wow, 8 pumpkins?! What a man!