9 months

You've been here 9 whole months already Binks!! [well close to 10m now, but with all the sickness cycling through the house, this is as quick as I could get these up] Everyday you grow more & more amazing. Your have beautiful grey eyes that have flecks of blue, green and brown depending on the day. I can't get enough of your little giggles, and now kisses. Yes, you are kissing us back and it's awesome! You pull yourself up on the furniture now and can get into lots of new trouble that way-like the toilet.

Nursing is still one of your favorite activities, day & night. You have four teeth now, two up and two down so we are working that out. I do love how you entwine your toes together while your eating. It's so sweet. You like some foods and have started feeding yourself finger goods [so grown up!]. You say cat, mama, dada, and squeal in delight when we clap for your talking accomplishments.

There is magic in your smile and a mischievous , adventurous twinkle in your eye. Your easy going attitude definitely helps mama out at times, although you have three siblings that couldn't adore you more.

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