We're back!!

After a few months break, I'm sure some of you wondered what in the world happened to us! As the end of school loomed and my to-do list exploded at the seams I started to feel a huge pressure bearing down on me. I was just getting kinda overwhelmed with... well, life it seems. I needed a break from the crazy stressful days. I have never, ever in all my life looked forward to a summer as much as this one! Summer was going to be a welcome time for me to relax, stop shuffling the kids here & there & here again, read a little, just... be!

I stopped blogging here because I was just too busy for a few weeks. I started to feel anxious about not blogging, like I was neglecting my job or something. It was then I realized I needed a break. No deadline, so craft shows, no to do list! Just fresh summer air and a free schedule. So after that's exactly what we dis the past few months. Instead of blogging & searching the internet, I exercised each night {and lost 15 lbs so far]. Instead of planning my summer show line up, I knit and read books-for fun, like I used to when I had "time". Instead of school & the morning shuffle we relax in the backyard with some sun & fresh veggies.

I am feeling more relaxed and more like myself than I have in a long time. The winter of 2011 was rough on us [me] and I just needed some time I think. I'm happy to be back and feeling energized and creative. So, while I was gone, we....

Danced. Oh, how we've danced!

Made new friends. That's Little L's new buddy, Blue. Yes, I know he's an orange cat, but blue is his favorite color and word. I'm just happy he's not called Batman. lol

Played in the dirt.

Laughed and loved. I've never laughed so much in my life. I'M BACK!

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