It's been quiet here at the blog this summer. It wasn't an intentional thing, it's grown more as a necessary thing I guess. With four little ones to entertain, feed, play with {and clean up after} this Mama is just tired. At the end of the day i have crawled in bed with some knitting or a book rather than head to the laptop. I compose witty, fun posts in my head some days. They never seem to make it the computer though. I have this weird problem of intending to spend 15 minutes on the computer and then find myself 2 hours later pouring over Etsy & catching up on blog reading. Only me?

I have been enjoying this calm, freedom that summer has afforded me. I always need a bit of a break this time of year. I hoping in the months to follow to get back on here daily though. I enjoy blogging and have started to miss it as of late. Hope all you readers are enjoying a relaxing, calm summer so far as well.

If you want to keep up with us a little more, I am on instagram now. Love some instant gratification! Come by and follow, you can find us with the same username- Kunklebaby. I'll leave you with a few pictures of our summer. Ohhh the fairy houses my children have been building. It's so magical & fun to watch them so involved in foraging and building from eldest, right down to the youngest.

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