summer of 1964

So, not exactly 1964, but this photo totally reminds me of something that could have been taken then. The striped & polka dot swimsuits, children hanging out at the beach house, sunny, bright yellow paint... I can almost hear, The Doors playing on the radio when I look at this. Yes, I have a pretty avid imagination I guess for someone born in the 80's. I can continue dreaming of the 60's, though. It will never stop!

All in all, it was a great day, minus the house and half Baby {J} cried he had to go to the bathroom, but refused to use our friends. {the very idea Mom!} Anyone else have a child that will ONLY use their bathroom at home? Don't even ask about the though of a "public" restroom. Sends shivers down his spine All my other children wanted to see the bathroom EVERYWHERE we went, sometimes 3x or more just to check it out. I thought that was aggravating at the time, but at least I wasn't driving home to make pit stops for them. Ahh well,this too shall pass in time. Someday {J} will be holding his own wee baby, and I'll chuckle to myself reminiscing about his toddlerhood and these stories. Happy news, he finally gave in and peed-- at someone else's house. OMG-the very idea. I was a happy Mama, and hopefully, just hopefully we are taking baby steps towards other bathrooms out yonder.

-for the full retro effect- 

 Happy Summer-ing.

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