Back to school

Back to school is upon us again. Even as I write this, it's with a heavy heart. I miss my kids! Almost a week in, and while it's been easier for me than last year. This will never be easy. It's this time of year I miss homeschooling the most. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out at this point with the needs of our family. Also, these children of mine are flourishing at school- they are learning lots & enjoy it! What more could I ask for.

Things have been quiet here for awhile. At first, it was due to soaking up every minute of time I could with all my kids home for the summer. In that time, I also realized I was taking a much needed break. A break from making things for selling, a break from vending at shows, all of it. I worked on only things for keeping- it's been awhile. A break from the blog, or just the idea I HAD things to do. I'm starting to miss this little space now, and while I often take little breaks, so far I have always found the desire to return. I just listen to the little voice that says move away, rest, return- a bit more these days.

Posts will still be a little sporadic for awhile. My beloved camera needs sent in for repairs. {Can you hear those sobs} I truly feel like a part of my arm has been lopped off. I so often reach for my camera in a day that removing the behavior has been so hard for me. I'm not going to lie, close to traumatic-as silly as it sounds. So if anyone is needing Kunklebaby products, head over to the shop!! Haha, now is the time to help out with the fix camera fund.