Shop Feature: Cherry Blossoms Design

Cherry Blossoms Design offer a fantastic assortment of hair accessories for the special girl in your life. The shop owner, Kiley is super friendly and wonderful to work with.

* Tell us about your shop:
I established Cherry Blossoms in 2006 when my baby girl was born. I sought high quality unique hair accessories that were both beautiful, functional, and affordable, with no success.

* How did you get started?
Well I am an actress, I love to act and share my talents with others. After I graduated college I worked for a year and then was blessed with a beautiful little girl. I started going stir-crazy at home with all my built up creativeness so...I began fabricating my own designs with distribution amongst friends and family. Compliments and inquiries from others soon followed, as well as numerous requests for customized work. I decided it was time to make the big jump and began selling my creations.

* Where does your shop name come from?
I LOVE gardens, flowers, elegance, anything beautiful! My husband and I were going through names we thought were elegant, yet beautiful to name the shop...and what could be more elegant and beautiful than Cherry Blossoms? I can't take the credit for that though, my husband thought of the name!

* Advice for other artist?
Promote! Be unique and make things you would be proud of! I am proud to put any of my creations on my daughter! I love what I do!

* Favorite or best selling product?
I love my reversible headbands (you get 3 looks for the price of one!), and I love my hats, and my adjustable headbands (they grow with your little one...no more wearing a headband for a week or two!) My best selling product would have to be Thumbelina (aka the Pink Stretch Headband ), and the Snow Queen Headband.

* Any additional info you find interesting or relevant:
A BIG THANK YOU to all my customers over this past year...its been great fun working with you and getting to know you!

You can visit her Etsy shop here: http://cherryblossomsdesign.etsy.com

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carol anne said...

Kiley is the best! We have purchased many Cherry Blossom flowers ~ she even did special "big girl" flowers for my daughter to give as favors for her 10th birthday. The big girls LOVE them and more than one has worn them to soccer practice!