{ Teeth Already! }

At two months old, "L" has two teeth. I can't believe it! We noticed the first one at 7 weeks. Poor little thing is cranky and in pain. He's usually such a calm, mellow baby-it's sad to see him hurting.
He has a third tooth just under his gums ready to join the other two any minute now. Since he is so young, he can't even self soothe himself. He's just old enough now to chew his hands, when he can get them in his mouth.

In the spirit of teething, here's some fun Etsy teeth stuff...

Snarf Monster from MintConspiracy.
My son looks like this at 4am when his little mouth is hurting. If your looking for unique little creatures, or oddities check out this fun shop! Be careful though,little monsters do not like being chewed on!

Teeth Cards
Check out Two Sarahs for some interesting, graphic art pieces. Run by, you guessed it, two sarah's it's a wonderful shop based in Portland. Interesting note: Many of their pieces are mounted on red wooden blocks.

Happy Tooth Charm
Wish my baby could be as smiley as these charms from Komodokat-an Etsy artisan from Texas. Check out the shop for a great selection of creative charms and accessories.

Meant for babe:
This great wooden, teether from Stumppondtoy. Coated with a non-toxic finish, perfect for all the green babies out there. Check out the shop for wonderful wooden toys too! No paint, stains, or breakable plastics found in any of the items.


Jill said...

Thank you for featuring Snarf! I hope little L's new teeth stop bothering him soon. Poor little guy.

earmark said...

that is a fantastic picture, he is adorable. I love the teeth theme!!! Great job! Your children are beautiful!